About Sarah Davison-Tracy

Sarah Davison-Tracy is founder of Seeds of Exchange, an organization of mighty everyday changemakers. She is married to a most-remarkable fella, Brandon, has 2 treasured children, Sophia / 12 and Micah /8, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

A Call to standTALL

This week, I sensed a deep call within me to standTALL - to find tangible ways to advocate for human rights of

A Call to standTALL2021-09-01T13:59:52-06:00


The journey of life will bring moments in which you feel as though you are navigating uncharted territories. They will come. They



In a moment, we'll take a moment to practice stillness and soulFULL pausing, together. Our vocational exploration today is about being “Bridge-Builders”

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