About Sarah Davison-Tracy

Sarah Davison-Tracy is founder of Seeds of Exchange, an organization of mighty everyday changemakers. She is married to a most-remarkable fella, Brandon, has 2 treasured children, Sophia / 12 and Micah /8, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

Opening the Floodgates

Today is another COMPELLING PoP with some big – and embedded in you already! - nudges! 8 PoPs left … until our

Opening the Floodgates2021-04-30T10:45:00-06:00

What’s in a Name?

Today, I nudge you to explore what you’ve been given, where you’ve come from, and/or who you grew up with … finding

What’s in a Name?2021-04-29T11:08:54-06:00

Treasure Hunt

Today, we dig into the invitation to embrace the TREASURE HUNT of life … in the easy and hard, mysterious and known

Treasure Hunt2021-04-29T11:09:47-06:00

Waiting for You (& Us!)

My book, Soulfully Ablaze, which I’ve been using as a framework for these 40 guided Places of Pause (PoPs) begins a new

Waiting for You (& Us!)2021-04-29T10:38:12-06:00

Hope’s Glow

In today’s PoP (Place of Pause), let’s take a moment to BE STILL, to tend to where you, those near and dear

Hope’s Glow2021-04-28T13:15:08-06:00
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