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Today is the day!

Welcome, dear friend. I’ve been expecting you. Do you know there is more than a bit of destiny in this moment? To be sure, this is no accident. Mighty wheels have been set in motion, propelling you on the adventure of a lifetime. Our time together in these pages will kindle your highest hopes and […]

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Crossing the threshold + saying YES

It is my humble and wholehearted hope that you will discover more of your story as you read mine. This is an intimate tale of courage, a circuitous journey, belonging, deepening trust, and saying yes.   For much of my life, stories of women and their families around the world, particularly those who are vulnerable and […]

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Sending great love and prayers with every breath

Dawn has broken in Nepal. Sending great love and prayers with every breath. Many of you have been asking how to help in these critical days following the earthquake. Will will do all that we can, together. Stay tuned for what we hear from our friends as to what is most needed. Thank you for your […]