dear friend.
I’ve been expecting you.

Do you know there is
more than a bit of destiny
in this moment?

To be sure, this is no accident.
Mighty wheels have been set in motion,
propelling you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our time together in these pages
will kindle your highest hopes
and most audacious dreams.
So … jOURney on.

Live Ablaze: And Light Up the World, by Sarah Davison-Tracy

Our Amazon launches for the books are June 20 for Live Ablaze: And Light Up the World and July 11 for Soulfully Ablaze: A 40-Day Journey to Light Up Your Life (And the World). More info about the books can be found here.

Today is the day that I get to share my book-babies with others for the first time! We have 300 people who have RSVP’d for our first book launch in Denver, Colorado!

We belong to each other. xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy