Dawn has broken in Nepal. Sending great love and prayers with every breath. Many of you have been asking how to help in these critical days following the earthquake. Will will do all that we can, together. Stay tuned for what we hear from our friends as to what is most needed. Thank you for your generosity and love, friends.

Celebration and tragedy. Hope and sorrow. Rubble and restoration.

Have been in awe at the “both / and” of this day. One of my soul sisters is celebrating her birthday today and going out dancing, other friends landed in Hawaii for a 5 year delayed honeymoon, and we spent the day cheering our 10-year-old Sophia on at her first double-header lacrosse games today.

Within the seeming paradoxes, I am filled with a deep sense and hope that there is great Love, Peace, Hope, Trust, and MORE being poured into the country of Nepal, into the dear and treasured sisters and brothers there, and into us. May we be united and infused with ways to love and support each other beyond what we could think to ask for or imagine.