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We partnered with Sauti Women’s Fund / NeeNee Productions to Educate, emPOWER, and enCOURAGE the women featured in the award-winning documentary “Sauti (Voice)” from the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Hear from one of the storytellers, Favourite (pictured above), and the filmmakers in our Seeds Storyteller Series with the Sauti team. Or, check out my deeply personal WHY for this project taken during a trip to Uganda with our Sophia more than a decade ago. August & September 2019

$1,440 Donated!

Update October 2019:

Our dear friend Napona (one of the Sauti film storytellers) also has some big news! This summer she completed her first year of school at Bugema University in Kampala. A few weeks ago, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Karyne (pictured below). Napona is taking the semester off to be with her sweet little one, and plans to return to school in January, 2020.

Betty (one of the film’s storytellers, pictured below) is living in Uganda, teaching in Gulu. She is working on some plans to start her own business. Favourite and Beatrice (Sauti’s other two storytellers) are discussing and planning ways that they can support their sister Betty’s goals from the USA as well.

You can see more about Beatrice’s film, “Life in My Shoe” and our July 2019 fundraising partnership with NeeNee productions here.


Why this community with whom we are partnered in Uganda matters so much to me and to our family is fueled greatly by our little one, Sophia. More than a decade ago, my family went to Gulu, Northern Uganda. We were there with some friends, working in the IDP camps, schools, and hospitals … ultimately falling in love with our Ugandan sisters and brothers for life. Sophia didn’t have the peaceMAKING credentials you would expect. She brought gifts of bubbles, balloons, and chewing gum on her peacemaking mission to Uganda. She giggled, danced, laughed, and played. (Read more in this excerpt about being peaceMAKERS from my book, Live Ablaze.) At that time, our girl, Sophia (blonde girl in the picture below and in this video), was just two.

When I heard what our friends at NeeNee Productions were up to with the Sauti Women’s Fund, I was IN and eager to do whatever I could to champion and support them. What they have done and are committed to continuing to do in the lives of our refugee sisters and brothers in Uganda is incredible. 

With courage, tenacity, and tenderness, the women of Sauti are envisioning lives of their own choosing and are leading the way for their community to do the same. The Sauti Women’s Fund directly supports tuition and community development projects led by the Sauti women, including raising funds for undergraduate educational expenses, small farming initiatives, and community development projects.

CREATIVE ways you can continue to support our sisters:
1 – Support independent film and stream this film on your next movie night and/or host a screening here.
2 – Send this page to 5 people you think would be inspired and want to join the fun!
3 – Know anyone in the film production, distribution, education world? Send them this project and let’s see how we can EXPAND this film’s connections! Email us.
4 – Find and friend the Sauti team on Facebook and send them a note of enCOURAGEment!
5 – Ask for a gift to be given for your birthday or special event in celebration of YOU and your commitment to make a difference locally and globally. They are still welcoming donations.

NeeNee Productions is a collaborative, women-led group of storytellers and their approach to documentary film is to let stories unfold organically in partnership with the communities they profile, illuminating the complex lives of underrepresented people and issues in our world today. They believe deeply in the transformative power of story to create empathy, empowerment, and inspired action. The ways in which they support people in telling their own stories as the experts on their own experiences is a beautiful and vital thing in our world today.

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