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We partnered with NeeNee Productions to empower and collaborate with Wimana Beatrice, an aspiring journalist and Congolese refugee, in LAUNCHING, PROMOTING, and DISTRIBUTING her self-directed and award-winning documentary “Life in My Shoe”. Fundraiser Information here. Replays of Sarah Davison-Tracy’s conversation with the team: Facebook or YouTube. July 2019

$1,530 Donated! 

October, 2019 Update:

Beatrice’s film was accepted into the Full Bloom Festival in Statesville, North Carolina and screened in September. Gayle and Favourite were able to travel to North Carolina and join Beatrice as she attended and presented at her first festival! Her daughter, Evelyn, was right there on stage with her powerhouse mama as Beatrice shared her story in front of a full house just weeks after being resettled to the US. Beatrice talked about about feeling “big” as she spoke publicly, and already had ideas about the next film she wants to make! The director of the festival was very touched and had some really encouraging feedback for Beatrice about her film. We were able to use some of the fundraised money to make this happen, so thank you!


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More about this project:

When we join this endeavor, we become a VITAL PART of bringing this film into the world! This film is incredibly special, as it is very rare indeed for stories about refugees to be told BY refugees themselves. We also get to be a part of UPLIFTING an emerging filmmaker as she seeks to educate people about the realities facing refugee women and inspire many others to greatness!

Beatrice grew up in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Through a film and journalism training program in the settlement, she directed a short documentary about her life. As Beatrice has continued pursuing education and sharing her story, she has become a role model for other young women in the settlement who can start to envision lives of agency and inspiration. The ripple effects from lifting up the voice of a young woman can be profound, impacting her own self-efficacy, modeling new possibilities for her community, and transforming perspectives of people around the world.

We have the extraordinary opportunity to help share this critically important story through the eyes of the woman who lived it. These funds will provide financial support for festival submissions, help to create promotional materials, and expand the film’s impact and accessibility to more places around the world. By sharing her story as widely as possible, we can help alter the way the world thinks about refugees and support the career of a talented and visionary young journalist.

WATCH THE REPLAY of our Seeds Storyteller Series with “Life in My Shoe” filmmakers (ONLINE) with the “Life in My Shoe” filmmaking team. Get ready to learn, be inspired, and discover more of your own story! FacebookYouTube

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  • Life in my Shoe is a collaborative film made through the Refugee Youth Voices Project, a locally-led film and journalism training for young refugees in collaboration with NeeNee Productions.
  • Life in My Shoe trailer
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CREATIVE ways you can support this project:

  1. Send this post to 5 people you think would be inspired and want to join the fun!
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  4. Email Gayle @ NeeNee Productions for current funding needs. Ask for or give a donation in lieu of birthdays or holidays in honor and celebration of our mighty human family!! Give what you can – whether “a little” or “a lot” – because, together, there is plenty!

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