Don’t know what the “3-Minute Hug” is? I didn’t either. I learned about it from Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz (Spanish for “House of Peace”). I want to share what I’m learning with you, because I trust Sarah AND I believe what she is doing matters a bunch to our global human family. The 3-minute hug is an annual event through a nonprofit in Texas that brings families from both sides of the Mexico/USA border together so they can physically be near to one another for a few precious minutes. For many, it will be the last time they can ever hug each other.

Listen to why Sarah is passionate to share what she experienced last year while attending this event … and how WE can be a part of making a family’s dream come true, together. Buckle up – we have a hunch that you’ll learn something new that will change and inspire you to act!

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TANGIBLE steps of inspired action …

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    • Project: Through our partnership with Casa de Paz, we are raising funds to make it possible for a family who is separated geography, the border, and polities to be able to travel to meet one another at an annual event, called the 3-Minute Hug, so they can be reunited and near to each other at last. Let’s standTALL for dignity and declare with love that families deserve at least this: 3-minutes to hug and be together. (There is a $1,000 matching donor, so your donation will be doubled!) | March, 2020
    • Goal: $2,000
    • Country: USA-Mexico
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  6. WATCH …
    • Playlist of Denver Seeds Storyteller Series event with Sarah Jackson
    • Replay of my conversation with Sarah Jackson just days after she returned from witnessing the 3-minute hug at the border
    • Replay of my conversation with Sarah Jackson about her journey that led her to create Casa de Paz
    • Netflix documentary, “The 3-Minute Hug” | Trailer | Stream on Netflix

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO in this 45-minute video …

    • 2:22 minutes | Sarah Jackson tells us what is the 3-minute hug
    • 13:58 minutes | Why we’re launching community fundraiser
    • 24:10 minutes | An invitation to LOVE and embrace one another as human beings
    • 21:30 minutes | Sarah J shares a glimpse of her story of what led her to begin the Casa de Paz (House of Peace) in Colorado. “We are created for community.”
    • 31:10 minutes | Sarah J shares a powerful and tangible story of HOPE that grows out of visits to detainees by volunteers
    • 33:00 minutes | “The world is full of so much that we can do nothing about, but…”
    • 33:45minutes | What’s the ONE thing – the ONE person you want to reach out to and love?
    • 34:45 minutes | Sarah J’s NEW book is comin’ out this summer, “The House the Love Built”!
    • 35:35 minutes | Reading of “Called to Craters”, excerpt from Sarah DT’s book, Live Ablaze. Take a PoP (Place of Pause) – take a beat to BE and to BREATHE.
    • 39: 34 minutes | Sarah J shares a story about SOUL CARE, how she FUELS this work.
    • 41:05 minutes | “I’m a very anxious person – but THIS helps.” -Sarah J (You’ve gotta listen to find out!)
    • 46:50 minutes | Last Sarah J seed of a word: HOPE (and WHY … listen!).

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