This month’s inspiring leaders of leaps, as featured in our November newsletter:

Adelyn Wall, 10 years | Founder of Art by Adelyn, a Colorado not-for-profit that raises money for The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital through the sale of her artwork. Find + like on Facebook.

Pax Wall, 6 years | Bee-keeper who has a love of nature and a desire to “save the bees.” Pax’s harvested his 1st batch of Colorado honey this fall + plans to continue his bee-keeping hobby with the hope of having enough honey to raise money for The Honeybee Conservancy.

Willow Wall, 8 years | Entrepreneur + founder of The French Unicorn, a company that raises money for dance scholarships for children through the sale of her handmade tutus and apparel line.  Find + like on Facebook.

Above photo by:  the always visionary Lynn Townsend

The below #seedLEAP was shared today by Anna Wall, founder of The Art Barn and momma of the above 3 Leaders of Leaps, Adelyn, Willow, and Pax.

24 November, 2016 | By Anna Wall

Here is the “story” behind the creation of The Art Barn and although it is a bit uncomfortable, 

I want to share, because I believe that by sharing the truth of my story, it will make room for others to have courage to share their stories as well.

When we start to realize that we all have moments of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and pain, we can then take a deep breath and realize that taking a “leap” helps us to grow stronger and be better versions of ourselves to share with those we love and the world at large.

I started The Art Barn at the most vulnerable and painful time in my life; I built it from sheer will to “survive a storm” that one of my dearest and most beloved family members is going through and subsequently, I, and the rest of my family, are going through. I had to find a way to manifest strength and productivity into the universe because the other option was falling down into the depths of sorrow and getting stuck there. With my family in total crisis mode, the only options I saw were to flounder and fall OR make something good happen from my intense sadness and fear surrounding my loved one’s suffering.

Recently, a very wise lady spoke to me about how God “stretches us” through offering us challenges to work through in order to make room for more life. She compared this idea to a woman being pregnant and having to grow and stretch in uncomfortable ways in order to make room for the life to grow inside of her. And, it’s true – there is much personal growth that occurs from enduring painful situations in life.

There is a crack in everything – that is how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen  

I went through much self talk as I made the conscious decision to CHOOSE to lean towards the light and move forward with starting a business: “You can do this, Anna – believe in yourself. Remember? Your parents have always told you to believe in yourself. Do this for your beloved and cherished family member… whose suffering is not for you to know how to ‘fix’… but maybe you can help by reaching towards your own potential to manifest strength and hope and positivity for your loved one.” And then… make The Art Barn happen for the youth – to teach them how to cope through life at a young age – using artistic expression to channel their difficult or intense feelings; to gain confidence in their abilities; to ignite their creative side so that they can take these skills into their adulthood(s) when life hands them major challenges and difficulties.” Reignite the arts!

This Art Barn project was born purely and wholly from My. Heart. And. Soul, folks.

And, I sense that people feel this; my Art Barn concept is resonating with people.  


The greatest lesson I am learning is that if we approach life with our heart, our passion, our vulnerability … our willingness to share this vulnerability with others at the forefront of leading our intention, —– good things come from it more often than not. 

I am still tripping over myself as I go – with moments of self-doubt all the while – yet feeling strength and nudges to continue to find courage to keep at it and stay strong in my conviction of being on a mission to inspire children to find the beautiful artist and amazing potential inside each of them. We all have so much promise and potential and my hope is all children can be inspired and supported to believe in themselves and one another.

We can work together to lift each other up and have the courage to “leap” at the most vulnerable and fearful moments in our own lives’ because sometimes, these “moments” offer us clear vision into our deepest truths of who we are.  –Anna WallFounder of The Art Barn

My leap of faith: photo taken on June 13, 2016 -opening day of The Art Barn. #seedLEAP