Difference-making social entrepreneurs & best friends – Kara Valentine & Angela Melfi | Threads Worldwide

Be INSPIRED, INFORMED, and IGNITED (=discovering a bit more of what matters to YOU), during this LIVE experience: The Seeds Storyteller Series with Angela Melfi & Kara Valentine. We will be talking about how a road college trip sparked life-long friendship, a passion to make a difference, and co-founding a company (Threads Worldwide), which creates life-changing work for women ‘round the world. I bet that you’ll discover another step or two of your own unique destiny to make a difference in their stories.

The Seeds Storyteller Series is a FREE online experience that is curated and facilitated by Sarah Davison-Tracy – author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange, a community committed to making a difference locally and globally, together, through community, storytelling, and giving. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

Here’s a replay of our conversation, during the Seeds Storyteller Series – or watch it on YouTube:




The first time we recorded this video and streamed it LIVE on Facebook, I was using a platform for streaming that was new to me. And, well, while I’d researched the heck out of the tech of it, we still recorded it sideways. Yup. The whole 40 minute live. Happily, I found a way to ROATE it correctly for you, here – AND it gave me a PoP (Place of Pause) to practice being imperfect WITH others. ‘Tis pretty cool to just BE on a journey with y’all – learning and laughing @ the mishaps as we go.



Angela and Kara have been very important to me for a long time. I trust them. I love them. I believe what they are doing through Threads Worldwide is making life better for people ‘round the world. I love how they make it possible to tangibly make a difference in simple, everyday ways. And you know what, these sistahs are the sort of people that make you feel good … that make you feel hope … who inspire you to get involved in something you believe in.

I love this nugget of wisdom from Angela & Kara … and THIS is one of our HOPES for this conversation for YOU (buckle up!):

Take one step – big or small – towards something that fills you up. Do something – even if you’re afraid.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

But do it now!



“We’ve been best friends since college and dreamed of starting a business together. We did just that and our now the VERY proud leaders of Threads Worldwide, a company that invites women to plug in to an instant global community, express their passions and creativity, and fulfill on their desires to connect and make a difference. We are so lucky!

Our friendship began in college with a road trip across the U.S. Since then, we’ve traveled to over 50 countries together! As we explored the developing world, we were struck by the poverty we witnessed. We remember a little girl in Cambodia begging for grape soda as she walked through an open sewer. We remember children in Vietnam who frantically adorned us with bracelets, then smiled sweetly to request payment. We remember countless families living on highway medians in India.

Each trip sparked the question, ‘What more can we do?’ As we thought about this question, we were struck by another phenomenon: the ripple effect of women rising out of poverty. Time and time again, we saw how empowering women transforms communities. When women earn an income and discover their voice, they educate their children, improve their homes, and advocate for their rights. The result? The entire community thrives. Suddenly we understood how we could make an impact and Threads Worldwide was born.”



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The Seeds Storyteller Series connects you with EVERYday changemakers from around the world: activists, visionaries, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, educators … (the list is long and the ways to make change are vast!). Whether you’re interested in being INFORMED about global happenings from amazing changemaking friends of mine, looking for some INSPIRATION in your life today, or eager to be IGNITED more in your unique ways to make a difference, join us for this conversation from anywhere in the world!



-Sarah Davison-Tracy – Author | Speaker | Founder, Seeds of Exchange – Making a difference locally and globally, together – Community | Storytelling | Giving