When you shop Threads Worldwide, you become part of creating life-changing work with women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry and you support the mission of Seeds of Exchange.




We are deeply honored to be a part of a community of empowered and inspired women at Threads Worldwide, so we can be ever-more-deeply connected with women and their communities around the world.

This matters to me because I believe that Threads gifts us with so much that makes life better: GROWING a global community of sisters … CREATING feel-good ways to make a living … FOSTERING entrepreneurial partnership between women from ’round the world … OFFERING education about the disparities that exist in the places we often shop … GIFTING us with a game-changing way to shop with love, intention, and impact.

Co-founders of Threads, Angela and Kara, have been very important to me for a long time. I trust them. I love them. I believe what they are doing through Threads Worldwide is making life better for people ‘round the world. I love how they make it possible to tangibly make a difference in simple, everyday ways. And you know what, these sistahs are the sort of people that make you feel good … that make you feel hope … who inspire you to get involved in something you believe in.

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for someone you love, to find a cool accessory for your own wardrobe, to learn a bit about what’s happening in the world around fair trade and labor, to find an easy and fun way to gather your community around what matters, or to make a living with a sisterhood, check out the wide array of ways Threads invites you to join them in making a difference locally and globally, together.

Y’all, c’mon – take a beat and take a peek at the goodness that is Threads Worldwide and commit to take one step of inspired ACTion before you leave.

xo, -Sarah DT



Each piece of Threads jewelry tells a unique story of the woman who made it. The artisan cooperatives Threads partners with employ women who have BIG dreams – yet little opportunity. Through dignified work in a nourishing environment, women pull themselves out of poverty and reinvest into a future that we can all get excited about.

Fair Trade is the sustainable alternative to sweatshops. When you shop Threads, you support ethical business practices that empower everyone in the supply chain to earn a living wage.

We believe that fair trade is a verb. Fair trade is how we do business. Fair trade is also a movement changing lives around the world!

In a world where over one billion people — that’s 1 in 7 people! — live on less than $1 each day, it becomes clear what a difference fair wages can make for people, families and communities. Fair trade promotes fair wages, healthy working conditions, and a sustainable environment for both workers and the planet. A fair wage is a livable income in the local context that does not skew the local economy, but accounts for time, skills, cost of living, and purchasing power. -Threads Worldwide



3 ways to be a part of the community of Threads Worldwide. Each are powerFULL, difference-making, and we think, will make your life more meaningful than ever!

SHOP Online. Every purchase creates life-changing work for women around the world and benefits Seeds of Exchange.

Become a Fair-trade PARTNER. Share stories of powerful women around the world and expanding their marketplace while earning an income and traveling the world!

Be an Ambassador. HOST your friends and family for a Threads Showcase sharing the stories of our partners and giving your people an opportunity to shop gorgeous handcrafted jewelry.



  • Meet the Founders. Threads was started by three friends, Angela, Kara, and Lindsay who traveled abroad to developing countries and always came back with the question: “what can we do?” Learn about how Threads is their answer.
  • Dig In. Check out these resources suggested by the Threads founders: Half the Sky | Anything Brene Brown | Armchair Expert
  • Connect. Follow and friend the Threads team: Website | Instagram | Facebook 
  • Share. Post on your social media feed or forward this post to 5 PEOPLE passionate about making a difference, fair trade, our global community, and/or human rights. (We can expand this organization’s community connections!)
  • Watch. 

Here’s a replay of my conversation with Threads founders on January 25 – or you can watch it on YouTube.


Be inspired by this video, “Don’t quit your day dream” – about the sisterhood of Threads Worldwide.



This is what drives us in all that we do:

  • Together we rise. We are better together. We choose collaboration over competition every time.
  • Honor. Honor ourselves to honor the world. Global transformation begins with inner transformation. We practice radical self-care as the key to being available and able to change the world.
  • Right Now. The time for action is now. We commit to taking steps toward our collective vision and trusting that our path will appear; we do not wait to be ‘ready’.
  • Equals. Equal Partners. We each play a vital and equal role in realizing the Threads vision. Our value is immeasurable and infinite.
  • Abundant Joy & Wonder. We bring curious minds to our world-changing endeavors and are open to new experiences and wisdom. We invite limitless joy and deep, deep belly laughs!
  • Dare to See New Possibilities. We dare to dream of an abundant world that works for everyone and we invite others to join us in making this a reality.
  • Safe and Nurturing Communities. We gather women together to be inspired, inspiring, and brave. The power of our community lies in every one of us being our truest selves. We celebrate courage, vulnerability, and authenticity over perfection.


If you have any questions or ideas about ANYthing, reach out. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

xo, y’all…let’s LIGHT IT UP, together!

-Sarah Davison-Tracy – Author | Speaker | Founder, Seeds of Exchange – Making a difference locally and globally, together – Community | Storytelling | Giving