We have a passionate purpose to create an experience within our kula {community} of Seeds of Exchange in which all are welcome at the table, at this feast, of life.  How might we cultivate extravagant hospitality to the parts of ourselves – and in one another – that are afraid, repulsed, apathetic, overwhelmed or traumatized by the darkness, gut-wrenching pain and hatred that exists around us?

Whatever is our inclination – whether it is to charge forward towards this darkness and oppression or to retreat, to stay as far away as possible from the pain – let’s pause this moment. Let’s lay down whatever we are holding…fears, dreams, hopes, fatigue, lament….and sit with cupped hands, ready to receive a gift of grace, together.

Here, we share a nudge to be still, to breathe, to listen.
We are urged for much of our life to do more.
In this moment, we beckon you to be.
To BE{long}.
To BE{loved}.

Our dear sistah, Delta Donohoue, shared this poem with us last week and we’d like to pass it on as a gift it to you this day.

by Martha Postlewaite

Do not try to save…
the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there
until the song
that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself
to this world
so worthy of rescue.

May it be so in each of our lives – may there be new terrains of quiet, listening and peace that enCOURAGE us to gently, yet boldly, recognize the ways we’re invited to give – and BE – ourselves to the world.

Lisa Sharpe | Stylish SparrowLast week, I met with a treasured sistah who has been walking on this very path.  Lisa Sharpe is a social justice advocate, entrepreneur and founder of Stylish Sparrow in Denver, Colorado.  She spoke of her experience of secondary trauma in response to stories of trafficking, slavery and poverty.

Lisa remembers coming across an article in a magazine several years ago about trafficking.  She started reading it and it became exceedingly overwhelming.  “I slammed shut the magazine.  It felt too traumatic.  I couldn’t bear to read one more word.”  And yet, she tucked the magazine in moving boxes that traveled with her throughout several moves, crisscrossing back and forth across the United States.  In our conversation, she inspired and humbled me with these words:

“I actually never read the article and I don’t know what happened to that magazine in our moves.  I see the experience of carrying the magazine around with me as a way in which I carried a burden for trafficking, but didn’t know what to do about it.  I was too traumatized to delve into it and paralyzed with the burden.

It was you reaching out to me and offering the opportunity to meet Ruth, Hanna, Pabitra, Raju and Hakan in October, 2015.
The encounter with them that day set me free!  When I saw the lightness and joy in all of them, and the way you engaged with them in your easy, warm presence, I was set free from my burden, and moved into joy and hope with you all.  That has remained with me to this day and now I can read and share about the issue of human trafficking and know that there is hope, restoration and there is life – fullness of life! – on the other side for those who are rescued.

I’ve begun to do what I call ‘small acts’ of learning, service and connection.  For example, last week, I hosted a drive to collect gently used bras in partnership with Free the Girls.  That’s enough and that’s ok.”

12728812_1048388268552961_8210376319164020740_n{Free the Girls is an organization that lifts up women in Africa who have survived human trafficking. Donated bras will given to women who are pursuing education while starting their own businesses selling the bras.}

In the midst her Stylish Sparrow boutique, filled-to-the-brim with beautiful fair trade clothing and household furnishings and trendy upcycled thrift store wares, Lisa is now hosting gatherings around local and global issues of poverty, trafficking, entrepreneurship and education with extraorindary wisdom, compassion, empathy and love.  Her fears and discomfort have paved the way for these soulFULL events in which Lisa openly shares her stories of struggles.  She hopes that others will find solace, understanding, the gift of knowing that they are not alone and companionship in the challenges these matters can bring.

I want all to feel welcome, at home and that they belong, regardless of background knowledge, comfort and familiarity with these issues. -Lisa Sharpe

seedlink - small things, great love

When faced with intense or troubling stories of abuse, violence, slavery, and more, Lisa invites us to consider these questions:

  • What does it trigger in me?
  • How can I move through this uncomfortable moment and take small steps?
  • With whom can you share this right now – fully, vulnerably and safely?
  • Trust that there are seeds that are being planted and that they’ll grow in their own time.

A Hope-Filled Evening of Film & Conversation

Our Beloved Nepali sistahs, who have survived human trafficking: Pabitra, Hanna and Ruth.

Denver peeps, join Lisa Sharpe | Stylish Sparrow and Sarah Davison-Tracy | Seeds of Exchange on March 3, for a A Hope-filled Evening of Film + Conversation {with a little bit of sweetness!}, from 6:30-8:30 pm @ Stylish Sparrow HQ | 2895 Fairfax Street, Denver.

The evening will begin with a few contextual remarks from the Lisa Sharpe and myself. We will each share a little of our personal journeys, what drew us to learn more about human trafficking, and its impact on our lives. The film “Untouchable: Children of God” will be viewed (55 minutes in length.)  Following the film screening, we will facilitate discussion and sharing with the group. Eis Gelato will be served (that’s the sweetness!) The evening will close with hopeful stories of survivors {read about Hanna’s sister, Alisha’s rescue, here} and poetry reading.

Amy Wright is sponsoring the evening and sharing her photography from her travels and journey through life.  For a preview of her soul-stirring photos, visit AmyKWright.com.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about human trafficking, educate ourselves and others, and have a meaningful time of discussion together.

For tickets and more information, click on this link {Suggested donation:  $15}.  It’s going to be a rich and wonderful evening – c’mon, friends!

Email Lisa for more information about her exciting upcoming gatherings and find Stylish Sparrow on Facebook.


Friends, we are overjoyed that we can journey together on