Update & words of gratitude from our fundraising partner, Goodwill Caravan:

The Seeds of Exchange fundraiser concluded today, and we cannot help but express our deepest gratitude to each and every supporter who placed their trust in our work – your help has been immeasurable! Rest assured, we will persist in our mission to protect the most vulnerable among us. A resounding THANK YOU to all! -June 30, 2023

OUR May-June, 2023 FUNDRAISER was in partnership with Goodwill Caravan to provide emergency legal aid that protects refugees from exploitation and human trafficking. Funds raised during this campaign will care for refugees fleeing violence and upheaval in Sudan and those who are vulnerable in refugee camps and detention centers in Greece from Syria, Afghanistan, and countries throughout Africa (currently, many are from the DRC and Cameroon). Thank you to our fundraiser’s fiscal sponsor, PUR International. $10,114 donated!



There are currently over 100 million forcibly displaced people worldwide who have fled their countries due to war or persecution. People have left their friends and communities, losing their homes, their livelihoods, and in too many cases, their lives. Half of the refugee population on this journey are children. Goodwill Caravan is fiercely committed to fight for the freedom and flourishing of each one.

A glimpse of our 2 areas of focus to UPHOLD refugee rights and hope:

1 – SUDAN. Innocent civilians have been caught in the crossfire as they have attempted to flee their homes with their children and families. Militia groups are targeting and exploiting families at checkpoints and on the refugee trail. We are hearing horrific stories of vulnerable girls and women being raped, their lives forever shattered by unspeakable violence. Funds raised will provide aid and legal support for those in need from Sudan to be able to exit the country safely and securely.

2 – GREECE. There are estimated 190,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Greece; 18,500 of whom are children stuck in refugee camps, including over 2,000 unaccompanied minors. These minors are under protective custody; however, they make easy prey for human traffickers and sexual exploitation. Funds raised will provide urgently needed legal aid for 200 refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable children, women, and men to receive the support they need to access justice.


WATCH – Videos about Goodwill Caravan

(Ohhhh, loves – these folks are jaw-dropping in their compassionate ACTivism. Pause and take this in …) 

Seeds Storyteller Series with Goodwill Caravan & PUR Int’l. In this episode of The Seeds Storyteller Series, I have the joy and honor to talk with Hanan (founder) and Marta (country director for Greece), with Goodwill Caravan AND Ricky, co-founder of PUR International about this heart-warming and globally-impactFULL project.


Short on time? Take a listen to one of the below 4 videos, each approximately 2 minutes in length, in which you can hear more about this fundraising campaign AND the inspiring stories shared by our changemaking friends – get ready to find more of YOUR story, here!






Changing Lives Through Legal Aid: How Goodwill Caravan’s Support Makes a Difference To Those In Need. In this touching video, we follow the story of young Fatimah and her parents from Afghanistan who have received vital legal aid from Goodwill Caravan. Despite facing countless challenges and obstacles, this family has persevered thanks to the support of Goodwill Caravan team and its compassionate donors. Through their inspiring journey, we see the transformative power of legal aid and how it can make all the difference for families in need.


Uniting in Difficult Times: The Goodwill Caravan’s 2022 story of Resilience and Impact. Despite facing unprecedented challenges in recent years, the Goodwill Caravan team has persevered by providing aid to thousands of people in 2022. Thanks to the generosity and support of many, we were able to overcome many obstacles that stood in our way and continue our mission of helping those in need. This video serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of our team and the positive impact we can make when we work together.



Goodwill Caravan runs emergency anti-trafficking protection projects for the most vulnerable refugees and supports thousands of refugees making the journey to a safer life. They focus particularly on refugee families, orphans, detained and unaccompanied children who are at the highest risk of becoming victims of organ trade, trafficking and kidnappings. They aim to work together with like-minded agencies to alleviate the multiple hardships facing asylum seekers and refugees, and promote community cohesion. Since 2015, they have helped over 150,000 refugees. Website | Instagram | Facebook | Contact | PDF Booklet about GWC

PUR Int’l is this fundraiser’s fiscal sponsor (which makes all US donations tax-exempt). We love the ways in which PUR provides emotional, financial, and organizational support to orphans and widows and other unique situations where they feel called through two divisions: PUR Service serves needs internationally and PUR Compassion serves needs domestically. Website | Contact


WORDS from our sister, HANAN ASHEGH, Goodwill Caravan’s Founder

What are 3 words that give you hope when days are tough? “Together we can.”

What inspires you? (In the world, in life?) “The power of the Goodwill of people.”

What is 1 thing you’d like to TEACH/INFORM participants during this fundraising campaign? “Asylum claims for people that are already exhausted from escaping war and persecution can take up to 7 years living in unsafe refugee camps and hotspots, putting their children at risk of exploitation and trafficking. Our commitment to help refugees with necessities and legal advocacy empowers them to integrate and settle safely in the first safe country.”

What is 1 act – big or small – you’d like to encourage folks to do, in addition to giving $? “Volunteer your time or choose a charity whether Goodwill Caravan or a sister charity or initiative you feel strongly about and share their work to help raise awareness in the world.”

Do you have a  favorite quote or poem you’d like to share with folks? “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” -Mother Teresa

In 2015, I witnessed refugee families starving while sitting on large sacks of rice because they didn’t have the means to buy the water or the gas to cook it. On my second day, I was told by two young children that their mother had died, and they were left unaccompanied to fend for themselves.

An image of a young boy’s lifeless body faced down on the shores of Turkey moved my journey to Greece, where I met children as young as four who had been victims of the worst kind of assaults in refugee camps.

This was the start of my humanitarian journey with Goodwill Caravan. Children can’t choose to stay or go but they are often the main victims of human trafficking and abuse. Join us in our journey to safeguard those who didn’t choose to be harm’s way. – Hanan, founder, Goodwill Caravan


AWEsome gift ideas with SO MUCH LOVE

We are here for you with ample ideas for graduation, Mother’s Day, birthday gifts … ANYthing you want to do to celebrate special people in your life! How about matching your graduation or other special-occasion gift-giving (or for those in your life who don’t want another “thing”) and donate in honor of them to our Seeds fundraiser this month? Head here to donate and then use the below images to share the story of your donation to this Seeds fundraiser – or reach out to me and I can send you your digital card for your special someone.


As part of our call to all to be an everyday philanthropist, each month I spotlight a project or program in the world. Our partner’s focus is in at least one of these five categories: human rights, education, health, community emergencies, and art-activism. I am blessed with a huge pool of changemakers in my community – so there is never a lack of trusted organizations with whom to partner.

This sort of “everyday philanthropy” is about an unrestrained generosity rooted in the reality of your everyday life. Generosity feels good. It is part of your purpose on the planet. It finds ways to share with others the treasure trove of whatever you have and whatever you love. It makes a difference with your small and large acts alike … living with a commitment and connection to your sisters and brothers near and far. Explore and discover your unique – right here and now – calling to be an everyday philanthropist today.

I get it: These stories and the very invitation to give and to BE philanthropists isn’t always comfortable. Or easy. Sometimes it’s the world’s pain pricking our hearts that wakes us up to see – and say yes! – to our destiny.

When you donate (THANK YOU!), we invite you to JOIN the Seeds Giving Fund as a monthly donor. It’s simple to set up once and your donation will be automatically directed towards our fundraisers throughout the year. Know that you are helping people each and every month. Consider stretching and giving as much as you can. If that’s $10 (=2 lattes a month!), that is plenty! *All donations are tax deductible.*

Over the past 10 years, we’ve partnered with people in more than a dozen countries around the world and raised over $200,000. We raise funds to support communities in need and people who are making a powerful difference. Our partner’s focus in each fundraiser is in at least one of these five categories: human rights, education, health, community emergencies, and art-activism.

So, today and together, let’s dispute the suggestion that philanthropy is an exclusive club only for those deemed wealthy. Today and together, let’s dispute that the only thing that matters and makes a difference is giving in “big” ways. The movement that will be unleashed when we live as generously unrestrained philanthropists WILL light up the world.

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy, Seeds of Exchange