Stories of unstoppable bravery, sisterhood, and love | Uganda

Be INSPIRED, INFORMED, and IGNITED (=discovering a bit more of what matters to YOU), during this conversation: The Seeds Storyteller Series with Brandi Lea. We will be talking about why it matters so very much to her to resolutely walk into dark places and look for beauty in her work as founder of Beauty for Ashes Uganda … the answer lies in her inspiring and powerful story of unstoppable bravery, sisterhood, and love. 

The Seeds Storyteller Series is a FREE online experience that is curated and facilitated by me, Sarah Davison-Tracy, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange, a community committed to making a difference locally and globally, together, through community, storytelling, and giving.

Here’s a replay of our conversation on December 6, during the Seeds Storyteller Series – or you can watch it on YouTube:



Here are the links for the 2 videos we played of sistahs saying THANK YOU for the gifts of trauma therapy and business training …. AND a nudge to give if you can to the remaining $3,000 that’s needed for this fundraiser.




Because my life’s WHY is fueled first and foremost by LOVE – and my soul sistah Brandi Lea, founder of Beauty for Ashes Uganda (BFAU) radiates LOVE in who she IS and what she DOES.

What this organization is doing among a community of vulnerable, brave, and never-givin’ up women in Northern Uganda is fueling and sustaining unshakable worth and jaw-dropping opportunities to these amazing mamas and their children.

This photo is of Brandi and one of the BFAU mamas, Majeri, from Tukum Village. Majeri LOVES to learn and is PROUD to pass on her learning to her children. In fact, today, her son and daughter-in-law live with her and they work together raising chickens and selling them at the market. (More stories to come on Friday, loves!)

Her vision is exponential and game-changing for 1,230 single mamas and widows (our sisters!) in Northern Uganda and their 7,500 children. **AND it’s rooted in her own story of struggle as a single mama – of bravely making her way through some dark days herself and finding beauty, sisterhood, and love.**

Her story matters. It matters a lot. I believe, with all my heart, that you will find more of your story in hers. Join us.



Brandi Lea says she “accidentally” started BFAU and had no clue what was coming – but that she just kept walkin’ arm in arm with many sisters and brothers and mightily fueled by her very real and intimate faith.

“I believe in healing and beauty….even in the midst of the worst of the worst. I want to see our mamas heal too. They’re worth it. Their kids are worth it. I can hardly imagine without tears what it will be like for them to experience healing and more training. I can’t wait to watch them SOAR! My hope for the Seeds community is twofold: 1 – Learn more about and donate to our Heal and Thrive campaign (Facebook & GoFundMe) this holiday season! And 2 – for each of us to know that we are deeply, deeply loved. That changes everything!” -Brandi



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I have a hunch you will BE INSPIRED by her story … BE IGNITED by tangible ideas of what you might do in your own difference-making at work … BE CONNECTED with us more in the days to come.

The Seeds Storyteller Series connects you with EVERYday changemakers from around the world: activists, visionaries, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, educators … (the list is long and the ways to make change are vast!). Whether you’re interested in being INFORMED about global happenings from amazing changemaking friends of mine, looking for some INSPIRATION in your life today, or eager to be IGNITED more in your unique ways to make a difference, join us for this conversation from anywhere in the world!

xo, -Sarah DT