Without soil, water, air, & sunlight,

seeds do not grow.

They may be full of possibility,

but they will stay in the ground…

unseen, immobilized, & lifeless,

until fed & fueled by the elements.


Seeds of Exchange creates spaces,

infused extravagant hospitality for body, mind and spirit

via programs, events, & a vibrant online presence

for these elements to be

shared, expressed, cultivated.


Start with what you have, who you are.

We are, too.

It might not seem like much, but together, it’s plenty.


seed wonder. What would you do today – big or small – if you didn’t worry about it being enough, totally figured out?  What if you saw each of the things that are important to you as clues on a treasure hunt of your calling, your part in the world?

seed act. Take one step – a conversation, do some research, write in your journal about what is capturing your attention. And, commit to taking one more step tomorrow. And the day after…  And, share your story with us.

Photo by Ravi Roshan