How are you this day, my friend? I hope all is well with you … that you are wholly well, in body, mind, and spirit. In case you’re under the weather, like me, busy bustling with holiday preparations, travel, family demands, or work deadlines looming, I thought I’d start this note with a blessing and invite to be, to breathe.

Be Still.
– Whisper it, “Peace. Peace.” Again. –
Inhale peace, quiet, rest.
Exhale all that burdens and encumbers.
Smile gently and softly.
Your only thing to do here is be.

Whether you’re feeling a bit – or a bunch – blue … or on top of the world this day, may you find some inspiration and encouragement in these stories with this theme:

Clues to your purpose on the planet
may be sitting right next to
or be growing from pain.
Nothing is wasted.
Don’t give up.
Don’t go it alone.

Christina Noble’s life (founder of depicts this theme masterfully. Breathtaking in resilience, her life of comPASSIONate commitment has made life better for nearly a million children in Vietnam and Mongolia. Her organization provides access to education, healthcare, safe living environments, and a future illuminated by hope.

But know this: Her life hasn’t been easy. No, far from it. Before her story today of extraordinary impact, she navigated many years of excessive struggle. It was brutal and her heart was broken. More than once. (You’ve gotta read more about her life – wow!)

To be sure, looking at Christina’s story from a big picture vantage point, it appears epic in its impact and scope. Yet, the grand story began with small and simple steps. Despite great personal struggles, she kept walking. She didn’t run away from her heartache. She waded into the deep to get close to the street children of Vietnam. And there, right there, she found the joy of a life of oceanic purpose and love. (Read about Christina and experience a 5-minute reading and PoP (Place of Pause), from Soulfully Ablaze, with a soulFULL 3-fold movement of being still, pondering, and engaging … find a bit more of your story in hers.)

WATCH or LISTEN to my conversation with Brandi Lea, founder of Beauty for Ashes Uganda on last week’s Seeds Storyteller Series, where you’ll hear this theme of healing and thriving amidst struggle and pain here. Truly, my friend – pause here and LISTEN to a tale that is full of hope for those tired, expectant, hopeful, and hopeless. Yes, yes – all of this is touched on in my sistah’s story (and yours).

And, YOU can make a mighty difference with your gift-giving this month in our Seeds December Fundraiser with Brandi’s organization working in Uganda. Donate to, learn more about, or ask for a gift to be given in celebration of YOU to our Seeds December Fundraising partnership in Uganda … what is happening within this community is AHmazing! “Little” or “big” gifts are wildly celebrated!

My friend, remember to email me any requests for prayer or extra love/juju.
Don’t go it alone. ❤️

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🌍🙏🏻