Listen. Do you hear it? Glorious stillness. The wind in the trees, the sound of your neighbors greeting the day. Thump-thump…thump-thump.

I almost forgot the sound of my own beat. Yes, it’s so easy to lose the thread of what ignites our soul, thinking, There’s not enough time… later, later.

To some, slowing down is seen as a weakness. To others, it’s essential to discern and harness the energy for the next flow. Regardless of either camp, I can’t remember a time when slowing down purposefully to feed my soul, my family’s pulse, or meander with a friend — hasn’t completely filled me back up, allowed me to shift perspectives, or created space for what I truly want more of in my life.


Yes, this is a summer for dreaming big(ger)!  And to consider where we might ebb a bit.

Imagine if the ocean never ebbed. It would be a disaster of epic proportions, right? All that energy with no release? We need it. At some point, each and every one of us needs an ebb. We were not made for perpetual flow.

This month we invite you to practice ebbing with us. Some wonders and ideas from our backyard to yours…

  • How would it feel to create a morning ritual that you look forward to, that compels you to get out of bed a bit earlier than normal? What about: a cozy [and simple] drink, candle flickering, aromatherapy, journal, sacred text, quiet, yoga mat, sunrise walk?
  • How’s your body? Want to feed it differently, strengthen, emPOWER your body for life?
  • What is a No (or two) that you know you need to say, to make space for a deep Yes in other arenas of life? What would it feel like to not be so stacked in your days?
  • What is one dream, that if achieved by the end of this summer season, would make you smile, leap, and celebrate?
  • Do you want a companion for your small steps or big leaps? We have many coaches in our Seeds community – email me with your hopes and needs. I’ll ponder and get back to you with a few of my top recommendations.

What is one thing that is calling you around this notion of ebbing? Imagine how good it would feel to have some pause, space to breathe, to BE. Consider one step you might take to create a moment, a night, a season of ebb.

Ways to help you dream – with a bit of space – out loud…Share it – your ebbing step. This is what we do in our Seeds collective: We are your witnesses, champions, mentors and biggest fans!

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