Y ON EARTH w/ Aaron William Perry

10/17/2018 Episode: Sarah Davison-Tracy, devoted human rights advocate, founder of Seeds of Exchange, and author of Live Ablaze andSoulfully Ablaze, discusses the importance of grace, joy and love as we work to transform ourselves and our culture. Sarah reveals her work with the Badi Caste in Nepal, the importance of being Lights for each other, and cultivating the essence of enthusiasm and charisma as we weave the texture and fabric of our everyday lives. She also shares the importance of “Places of Pause” (POPs) in our day-to-day lives. (more…)



COMMUNITY FOR THE SOUL w/ Andrea Constantine-Ransom

10/10/2018 Episode: So proud and honored to be one of three podcasts Andrea Costantine-Ransom launched TODAY!!! A glimpse of a few things we discuss during the podcast: Consider what it is like to connect more deeply with people who are near or far from us … It decreases fear, isolation, and overwhelm Community and connection elevates our sense of joy in our every day life. Community isn’t just for extroverts. Community for the Soul features change-makers and difference makers who are building community and changing the world one project, business, or idea at a time. Tune in with Andrea to be inspired to make a difference in your own community. Listen to Episode 01 on iTunes.



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