Casa de Paz | USA


This month’s fundraising goal was a bit different than usual. We’re honored to join the endeavor of our sister, Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz, for one of her dear friends who is part of the Casa de Paz staff. Oliver and his family’s story is courageous, heartbreaking, and unbelievable (but true!). These funds contributed to Oliver’s lymphoma treatment and living expenses for his newly-arrived family. March 2019

$825 Goal Met!

Fatouma Ahmed | Ethiopia


Fatouma’s beloved husband, Ibrahim, passed away on December 21. He had an aggressive cancer that spread more rapidly than anyone expected. To be sure, it was quite a shock to our sister Fatouma and her family. Fatouma has been a long-time member of our Seeds of Exchange community. The funds raised paid for the funeral and her living expenses during her four months of mourning. Fundraiser Information. Watch this 2-minute video with a glimpse of her love story from a recent Seeds of Exchange event she spoke at. Watch Fatouma Ahmed‘s heartfelt thank you for the more than $4,000 given to her by many of you; includes an education about her commitment to “iddah” – a period of 4 months and 10 days in which widows observe an extended mourning period in the Islamic faith. Facebook or YouTube. January 2019

$4,000 Goal Exceeded! ($4,700 given!).


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