Fatouma’s beloved husband, Ibrahim, passed away on December 21. He had an aggressive cancer that spread more rapidly than anyone expected. To be sure, it was quite a shock to our sister Fatouma and her family. Fatouma has been a long-time member of our Seeds of Exchange community. The funds raised paid for the funeral and her living expenses during her four months of mourning. Fundraiser Information. Watch this 2-minute video with a glimpse of her love story from a recent Seeds of Exchange event she spoke at. Watch Fatouma Ahmed‘s heartfelt thank you for the more than $4,000 given to her by many of you; includes an education about her commitment to “iddah” – a period of 4 months and 10 days in which widows observe an extended mourning period in the Islamic faith. Facebook or YouTube. January 2019

$4,000 Goal Exceeded! ($4,700 given!).