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In the desert of Rajasthan, construction is underway for a world-class science center that is welcoming children living in poverty to dream big, learn, and be a part of the extraordinary organization of Vatsalya. Many of the kiddos in the surrounding rural communities are impoverished and without exposure and education through this science center and a supportive organization of Vatsalya, their futures are, honestly, bleak. But, together, we were part of bringing change and hope. | November, 2019

$2,118 Donated!

Why this matters to me …

This greatly matters to me because I have had the joy of spending time in India with this community. Vatsalya ‘s co-founder, Jaimala Gupta, has been a DEAR FRIEND and SOUL SISTER for well over a decade. I TRUST AND LOVE HER GREATLY.

Over many steaming cups of chai tea and I’ve heard firsthand stories of struggles and strength, and witnessed her fierce vision and dogged determination to make life better for these children and the surrounding community. Her inspired action and commitment makes life better for kids who – without her organization – would be vulnerable targets for human trafficking and enslavement … with very few options for a future with hope and security. She has created a refuge plentyFULL with peace and possibility for the next generation of kids in India. She is someone with whom we are blessed and privileged to collaborate, to be sure.

Here are some photos from my trip to visit and collaborate with Jaimala in 2009.

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TIME-TESTED & comprehensive …

Vatsalya ’s focus has been on creating hopeFULL futures for children, women, and communities in India who are most marginalized, at risk, and underprivileged. Their initiatives are time-tested and comprehensive, working in Jaipur, India and in the surrounding communities in the arenas of micro-enterprise, public health, human trafficking, education, and ecology. 

Highlights to date:

  • Created a carbon neutral campus (“Udayan”), home to nearly 1,000 children to date
  • Supported livelihoods of over 1,200 underprivileged women including commercial sex workers
  • Saved more than 15,000 children from death due to malnutrition
  • Spread HIV/AIDS awareness and conducted health checkups of thousands


FINANCIAL details …

  1. Having received a $1,000 matching pledge, donations were doubled!
  2. NICF (Namaste India Children’s Fund) is the US-based non-profit partner for Vatsalya, allowing for US donors to receive a tax-deduction.
  3. The overall project fundraising goal is $60,000, of which over half has been raised. We know that there are people who are passionate about science, education, children, and human rights – all of which this project impacts! If you or someone you know would like to make a big dent in this project’s remaining funds to be raised of $14,000, please contact Sarah.


CREATIVE ways you can join us …

  1. Collaborate! FORM A TEAM on GoFundMe and help us raise funds for a special occasion or celebration … or just because you want to! (Contact Sarah for info or to set your team up.)
  2. Share this page with 5 people passionate about science, education, and/or human rights. Let’s see how we can EXPAND this organization’s community connections!
  3. Join for the Seeds Storyteller Series with Kartikey Gupta, “Passion Director” of Vatsalya on when we talk about Igniting global connections through science & happiness (INFO HERE). See the Seeds of Exchange  event page ( for a list of upcoming dates and times or check out our replays on YouTube (
  4. Ask for a donation to be made on behalf of your birthday or special event in celebration of YOU and your commitment to make a difference locally and globally.
  5. Connect with, follow, and friend Vatsalya: websitefacebook.


Be informed, inspired, and ignited …

Check out the video replay of my conversation with the always-inspiring Kartikey Gupta (“Passion Director” of Vatsalya and son of Jaimala) as we talk about his passion to ignite global connections.


Video of the extraordinary and ongoing work of Vatsalya and the vision of our soul sistah, Jaimala Gupta.


Thank YOU. You are loved. You belong here. We belong to each other. It’s your destiny to make a difference: so, let’s stand tall together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy – Author | Speaker | Founder, Seeds of Exchange – Making a difference locally and globally, together – Community | Storytelling | Giving