Project Description

On April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday, three churches and three hotels were targeted in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka. Nearly 300 people died, and lives were devastated by the destruction and trauma that followed. Now, nearly six months later, families and children are still struggling to put the pieces of their lives back together, with extremely limited access to necessary resources, support services, and infrastructure. This project is helping to rebuild lives by showering love through education and community on many who have lost what is most dear to them: family, friends, homes, and an everyday sense of security and hope. | October, 2019

$4,000 Donated!

We invited our community to join us and reach out “with love towards our kin” (translated “parapurata premayen” in Sinhalese, the primary language spoken in Sri Lanka). And, boy, did y’all show up and standTALL with generosity! We hit our goal, together, and $4,000 was given! We will be inviting y’all to connect with the students we’re supporting – stay tuned!

Here is the story of *our* incredible endeavor.


Why this matters to me …

My soul sistah Nilmini Senanayake Hecox was born in Sri Lanka. She and I have been friends since we were beautyFULLY blessed to meet, with our then baby girls in our arms, at our neighborhood library, nearly fourteen years ago. Even then, we were drawn to the circling up as a community … and we’ve never stopped.

Over the years, we’ve often collaborated on community projects that matter to us. And, thus, I know this firsthand: Nilmini is a fiercely compassionate and committed sistah. She’s straddled the globe with grace and grit, with one foot firmly planted in her birthplace of Sri Lanka, where most of her family still lives, and one foot here in her home in the United States. I am honored to share her, her family and community, and this fundraising endeavor with you.

I feel a deep sense of grief for everyone who was lost, hurt and impacted by the explosions and for my beautiful country. My heart broke that day, and so did many others.  Now more than ever, those who are trying to rebuild need to feel our love and support from the other side of the world. 

A true act of love is reaching out to those in need in our global community. This knits us all closer to one another, heart to heart, like family. No matter where we are in the world, we can act from a place of love towards our next generation. We have the power to make a lasting impact on the lives of my people in Sri Lanka.  Please join me in honoring the lives lost, and generously making a meaningful gift that will change lives. Let’s do this! (translation in Sinhalese Api Meka Karamu!). -Nilmini Senanayake Hecox


What these funds will be used for …

Funds raised in this campaign will be allocated for long term education sponsorship for children of victim families through scholarships and for psycho-social program support. Through sustained wraparound services that ensure the care of both their minds, and their hearts, this project will provide these kids with hope and send a clear message that people from around the world do care about them.

We are excited to be partnering with Educate Lanka . A non-profit organization in the United States and a charity registered in Sri Lanka, this is a globally grassroots organization with “boots on the ground” – =a win-win for all!


Matching donor …

Thanks to a match from a wildly generous donor, the $2,000 given by our community was doubled, resulting in $4,000. When I asked why our donor chose to match this month, this was their reply:

These types of tragic incidents are sadly a continuing presence in our world. I will admit that when they touch us directly or those to whom we are very close, it sparks more of an impulse to act. This island, on the other side of the world and a place where we have never even been, is inextricably a part of us, because of Nilmini and her family. This is probably the simple explanation or reason why we chose to step up as a matching donor. Our challenge going forward is being open and responsive all the time. We all wish this type of thing never happens at all, but we are incredibly blessed to be able to deliver even the slightest positive impact from our donation, in light of the horrific circumstances. It’s as simple as that!


5 creative ways you can join us …

1 – CONNECT WITH, follow, and friend our team: Educate Lanka: website | Facebook | Insta | Twitter | YouTube

2 – COLLABORATE! …FORM A TEAM on GoFundMe for our current fundraising endeavor and help us raise funds for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, celebration) or just because you want to! (Private message Seeds of Exchange and we’ll set up your team right away!) … ASK FOR A DONATION to be made on behalf of your birthday or special event in celebration of YOU and your commitment to make a difference locally and globally.

3 – SHARE this post with 5 people you think would be inspired and want to learn more, donate, or connect with us.

4 – JOIN for the live Seeds Storyteller Series with our team – or catch the replays – for upcoming conversations to inspire, inform, and ignite. See the Seeds of Exchange event page for a list of upcoming dates and times or check out our replays on YouTube.

5 – VOLUNTEER! Educate Lanka provides a platform not just to donate, but to get involved in many ways. Volunteer your time or contribute your skills and strengths remotely to add value to their mission; visit Sri Lanka and spend a week or 6 months working with them, send your children or refer someone else who might be a fit to get a global cross-cultural experience working on the ground and understanding what working at the grassroots looks like.


Be informed, inspired, and ignited …

Check out the video replays of our incredible storytellers who each were a part of this month’s Seeds Fundraising Partnership.

Videos of the extraordinary and ongoing work of Educate Lanka.