Ready to be inspired by Operation Gratitude?  I begged my treasured soul sista, Amy Brady {founder of StandUP}, to tell us about this rich, simple and beautiful family tradition with our kula {community}.  ThankFULLy, she said YES, and wrote the story below for us.  I am delighted to share the wisdom of her kiddos, Danny {12 years old}, Ally {9 years old} and Jack {5-years old} here.  Buckle up, buttercups:  Wow.

Dear friends, many of you are cultivating gratitude and doing some beautiful things to be of compassionate service this season.  Please share your story with us in the comment box below or via email.  Love, proud of and inspired by YOU, dear ones.  xo, Sarah DT

Every year around Thanksgiving we do a “project” of some kind to really be in touch with what it means to be grateful:  Operation Gratitude.  When the older two were younger we often turned the project into some kind of craft. I have such fond memories of Ally as a toddler expressing her gratitude for her pacifiers and the color green. Danny’s “ducky” made his list for many years.

This year for our gratitude project the kids were given the option to write letter, make gifts or make phones calls to each of the following:

  1. someone close to them
  2. someone they only know a little bit
  3. a stranger
  4. someone going through a hard time
  5. themselves

Here is a glimpse of what they created.  Danny and Ally gave their permission to share.


Danny to himself

Danny, you are soooooo awesome.  You have crushed this 6th grade school year!  I am sooooooo impressed with you. -Danny {to himself}



Danny to his dad

He is always nice, and positive about everything and supports me with everything.  I love talking about anything with him because he is always kind.  He works sooooooo hard to let us live in this house and have food and water and let me be on a sports team.  I love it sooooooo much when he comes home from work because I can play with him and talk about stuff with him.  If I cam having a hard time he supports me.  I love my Dad sooooooooooo etc much! -Danny {to his Dad}



Like a gift from heaven
In the sky up above
My heart is filled with joy
But most of all love.

This is the day to spread our thanks
to a leader proud and tall.
But we have one person
to thank most of all.

God is the one and only
blessing us with cheer,
This is the one day in a long year
That everyone is near.

My hope as strong as wind.
My love as tall as a mountain
And warm as the sun

If we stick together
We join together as one.

Our fears will not
build up as strong
If we are thankful
peace will stay long.

We’ll climb up this mountain together
We don’t have to live in fear.
If we are near.
If we are near.




Jack to Bryce (a boy that he doesn’t know well but has struggled with some at school). His idea to share a piece of his Halloween candy!



Jack to his sister Ally



Ally to a stranger

Dear stranger
some people say I’m not thankful
that’s not true
I’m thankful for lots and also for you

Even though I don’t know you so well
I hope this is a great day
so why not yell hooray

Trust me
just say
this is the best day

What else can friendship do
but I know one thing
I’m thankful for you