ANNNNNNND, IT’S LIVE!! LISTEN TO OR WATCH this 45-minute podcast of a conversation with Devisara Hannah Badi and me, hosted by a dear friend and changemaker, Spencer Lodge, with whom we spent one week in Nepal in June, along with a team of creatives and visionaries from Doc Land films. (READ about our epic time in Nepal during which we met the President of Nepal, filmed the pilot episode of a documentary series on human trafficking, and so much more right here.)

Find it on your favorite podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. You can search for the podcast on your favorite platform with this title: “Spencer Lodge: Sex Trafficking, Rape And Abuse: The Dark Truth About Nepal’s ‘Untouchables'”. (Make sure to take a look and listen to Spencer’s other podcasts!) The video version of this episode can be found on YouTube or below.

FROM the podcast’s show notes:

The Badi people have been considered the lowest class individuals in Nepal. Others have avoided them at all costs – believing that if they came into contact with a Badi person, their life would be doomed and bad luck would follow them. The Badi people were born into a world of degradation, prostitution and have been exploited in every way possible. This week I speak with Devisara Hannah Badi, an activist born into the Badi community, as well as Sarah Davison-Tracy, human rights advocate, author and speaker. I met both of these lovely ladies during my recent travels to Nepal, where I witnessed firsthand the neglect and discrimination Badi people face. In this episode, we talk about the harsh reality of being a Badi person, the prostitution, rape and sex trafficking most girls experience, and how Hannah wants to be a light in her community and save as many girls as she can from trafficking.​​​​​​ -Spencer Lodge

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