I am a Community [Kula] Cultivator


Lover of

celebrating culture, creativity, community of the earth

floating in the water, riding it’s energy

dance, of moving to new rhythms

elders, teachers…arm in arm…

learning, living, engaging in and with life together


Lover of


passport in my pocket

new currency in my wallet

new tastes on my tongue

languages in my ears

fabrics on my skin

sisters and brothers capturing, expanding my heart


Lover of

all these young ones

these children

Caring for them has burst open my heart

beckoned me to let go

to be emptied of – & yet find – myself

in such a way that I now

fly, rise, soar [more often, at least :)]…

less encumbered than ever before


Lover of

saying yes, more often, more deeply

holding less tightly, holding less

holding onto You, just You


This is

the incredible lightness of being


pure joy