you belong here. Together, we are igniting a global community movement, our path well-worn by steps of inspired vision and action… each making mighty contributions to our world’s great challenges, whether in our backyards or distant lands. Join us. 

Here are a few ways to ignite your own path with more interconnection…

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Read. Y on Earth: Get Smarter. Feel Better. Heal the Planet 

Watch. Listening to Shame [TED talk] 

Watch. This is the Camp [trailer]



April 25 @ 7 pm. Join us virtually or at our Denver Seeds HQ for tasty sips and snacks, hang with some amazing sistahs, and explore how you can be a part of our Seeds-Threads team:

  • build your tribe with us as a fair trade parter and make a powerful difference in the lives of women around the world, +/or
  • host a global artisan showcase + show your community how to shop with heart
  • info/RSVP: email | 720.301.1510

May 25, 7am-1pm, Colorado Thought Leaders Forum [Jacquie Fedo speaking]

Y on Earth events



Color the Camps. Every tax-deductible donation puts a crayon in the hand of a young refugee.

Y on Earth. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us reach more schools, colleges, low income organizations, churches, synagogues and mosques.

Andrea + Jamey Rabold [Radical Reciprocity]. Last month, we began a new element of our Seeds Storyteller event with our sistah, Fatouma. It’s called Radical Reciprocity. It’s rooted in the idea that in this collective, there is plenty…that we can amply care of each other, with ease, when we all join in. How often can we help make someone’s dream a reality? Well, today we can. This family is ready to find some land for their tiny house and have a baby!  Ideas for support? Email Andrea


say yes.

…to the extraordinary Jacquie Fedo for a free experience of her life and leadership coaching:

  • a free personal coaching call, or
  • a Seeds Coaching Experience on April 20 or May 2, from 2-3 pm

Explore ways you can gain clarity in your gifts and learn what is holding you back, so you can show up boldly in your purpose with ease and IN-joy. “You. On Purpose.”
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connect with your storytellers.


Betty Kessler + Chelsea Champ-Lopez | Color the Camps

Betty, co-founder, has studied the effects of art on children’s well being, specifically those in high-stress situations like those living in refugee camps. She has a degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, in Psychology and Anthropology with a focus in human development. She has studied the effects of art on children’s well being, specifically those in high-stress situations like those living in refugee camps. She uses every tool available to understand and love the people around her, both near and far.

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But most of all, the world needs dreamers who do. -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Chelsea, co-founder, has a deep passion for traveling, art, experiencing new cultures, and most of all, serving people. She loves combining these passions and is working to make the world a little brighter for children all across the world. Chelsea has experience with non-profit organizations in fundraising, grant writing, marketing and outreach. She has a degree in Environmental Sociology and International Development from Colorado State University.
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I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold service was joy -Tagore


Jack Markson | Stanley British Primary School

Jack’s journey as an educator has been molded by inspiration from family, friends, and sojourns around our world, each exposing him to a variety of beautiful cultures. His love and passion for teaching and traveling go hand in hand. Jack strongly believes that through collaboration and connection, we have greater chances of making dreams into realities. He wants his students to look back and remember him as a teacher and friend who helped them accomplish goals, surpass their potential, shatter their fears, open their hearts, and look at the world with optimism and joy.

Be curious, kind, open your heart.


Aaron Perry + Winter Wall | Y on Earth

Aaron is an author, social entrepreneur and father. Aaron provides executive consulting services to social and environmental impact businesses and organizations. Having founded and grown companies in the recycling, renewable energy and natural food spaces, he has particular expertise in agriculture, energy, supply chain transparency, management, financial modeling, capital raising and leadership. His background in philosophy, literature, sustainable development and permaculture makes Aaron a deeply perspicacious and thoughtful leader, mentor and student at this particular point of inflection we face as a culture and species on planet Earth.
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Winter Wall is the founder of W3 Global Consulting, a firm specializing in cultivating strategic partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations for NGOs, private sector companies and government entities. She has lived and worked in six countries including Uganda, Rwanda,China, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia with mission-driven organizations and companies focused on community development, strategic partnerships and emergency relief.

You have everything it takes to make a difference! We are one, after all, you and I.” -Teilhard de Chardin


inspired action nudges.

Jack. Be curious, kind, open your heart. Aaron + Winter. Become great stewards of self, community and planet. Betty. Spread the word about Color the Camps. Recognize the power that art has on our well-being and the privilege that we have to be creative. Chelsea. Take a role in saving art supplies from landfills, so they have a second life in the hands of a refugee child. Go to your local schools and set up art supply drives for the end of the school year. Head to your favorite restaurants and encourage them to save crayons instead of throwing them away….we can use them! Contact us for support in school drives and talking with restaurants. Jacquie. Discover the blessing, gift or learning in the hard places.


event song list.


join us.

Email for more info or to say YES to being a part of our team.

  1. Apply for our summer internship in graphic design.
  2. Help at a future Seeds Event?  [Set up, greet folks, tech/sound]
  3. Sponsor an event? We’re happy to offer an event marketing shout-out.
  4. Shop with purpose for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or just for fun, at our Seeds-Threads online store.
  5. Host a Seeds-Threads global artisan showcase in April or May and we’ll give you 2 gifts (a gorgeous Threads scarf and stunning Seeds Nepali sister bracelet) as a thank you, in addition to the rockin’ discounts you’ll earn at your party. You invite your friends and we will help create an engaging global shopping experience in which you can show your community how to shop with heart.



Put this beautyFULL “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in your yard or office, crafted in English, Urdu, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish. Suggested donation to cover printing is $10. Pick yours up at our next Seeds event or at our home-headquarters. Email for pick-up.

If far from us, check out this website, which includes funding ideas and resources. Check out the map for distribution centers around the world.

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