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Don’t know what the “3-Minute Hug” is? I didn’t either. We. Must. Know. (And do something!) About. This.

Yes – some of us are preparing for Thanksgiving feasts and celebrations, some are traveling for the holidays, and others are hard at work. But, my friend, please TAKE A PAUSE and TAKE THIS IN in the midst of whatever is goin’ on in your day. Whether you join us live or on the replay, listen and learn from our remarkable sister, Sarah Jackson.

Please … rather than being deterred or divided by things like politics or ideology, I invite you to be drawn into this story because it is about BEING HUMAN. I invite you to listen to this story, believing and claiming that these are not strangers, but they are our sisters and brothers. I believe that if we each listen to this story and as the potentially inconvenient and igniting questions, “Now that I know THIS, what is my ACT of courage and bravery? How shall I now live?” … some of us will be called to do something – and it WILL light up the world.

If you were only able to hug your mom or your dad or your kids or you best friend or your grandma – for only three minutes – what would you do to create a world where you could hug them a little bit longer?

A few weeks ago, I went to El Paso/Juarez where the border opens up every year for three minutes so families can hug each other. I saw moms hug their children for the first time in years. I saw teenage boys holding onto their dads so tightly as if they would never let go. I saw brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews run toward one another and not let go until “TIME” was called.

At the beginning one of the worst things to see was the young children who were sobbing from start to finish. They were crying before they got to hug their parents. They were crying while hugging. They were crying while saying goodbye. They were crying while walking away.

Children shouldn’t be crying like that. They just shouldn’t.

As the day went on, I began to realize for me, the hardest, most terrible moments were watching older grandmas and grandpas, probably some great-grandmas and great-grandpas embracing their children, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren.

These men and women have lived 60, 70, 80 years on this earth and they still do not live in a world where they can hug for longer than three minutes.

I felt ashamed. I felt embarrassed. I felt sad. I felt heart-broken.

I felt ANGRY.

The anger wasn’t left back in Texas – I brought it back to Colorado with me.

I learned that some of these families in Mexico were selling their prized possessions to afford the trip. I spoke to someone who told me they even sold their chickens and goats in order to have enough money to make this trip to the border. They were willing to sell their livelihood for a three-minute hug.

That shouldn’t happen.

I’ve already started dreaming of a time where we can come together and put some money together so families. can. hug. each. other. without. any. financial. barriers. in. their. way.

You’ll hear more about that soon. For now I am still feeling my anger. And I hope you do, too. -Sarah Jackson



Just a few miles away from the immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado, Casa de Paz offers housing, meals, visits and emotional support to families separated by immigrant detention. (More info below on how to connect with and work with this remarkable organization.)



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