After today, I know that terrible things aren’t so bad when you’re surrounded with people you love.  Because it turns out, the worse things are, the better this family gets.  (From the movie, Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day)
We are in New Delhi, India, on a 10-hour layover on a wild – potentially tragically “bad” – travel day.  It DID take a village for us to be in New Delhi, on our next leg of our adventure. :}
Backstory:  …My little Micah got very sick late the evening before we left and Momma Sue saved the day by coming early to take care of him.  …When we got to the Denver airport to check in, I realized that my backpack (with our passports, cash, and essentials) had been left behind at our house.   My dear sista, Susan, who had driven us to the airport, gracefully did a speedy round trip, returning to the airport with my backpack in time for us to make our flight.  …Just after we got on the plane, one of our team members realized she had left her credit cards on her printer at home [not to worry, we’ll take care of her :}].
And, yeah – all this happened before we even left Denver!
IMG_4455While on a layover in New Jersey, the love just kept on comin’:  …I opened a beautiful love letter from my man – wow – talk about gratitude!  …Soph opened a few travel letters from her friends, wishing her strength, safety, fun, and adventures – and one included a travel necklace.  …And, a beautiful stream of texts came our way, encouraging my girl in the midst of her deep fear of getting on the plane for Delhi.
While on the flight from Newark to New Delhi, amidst whispers and tears about Soph’s flight fears, we each caught a movie.  Thus, as I watched the film, Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day and the above quote came on, it struck me as the perfect caption for our day thus far.