I’m choked up & cannot get these kids out of my mind

It might be because I’m sick with another bugger of a cold – but that’s not the only reason that I have a growing pile of tissues next to me. I cannot get the kids out of my mind that Sarah Symons told us about during our Seeds Storyteller Series conversation last week. 

She shared stories about kids who are vulnerable to being unimaginably abused by men wandering the red light districts of India. The moms of these kids are enslaved in the brothels of Calcutta. Within the seemingly harrowing hopelessness, there is something we can do – dare I say, we MUST do? – together.

My friend – whatever you’re up to right now, I invite you to pause and ponder: Would you join us and donate what you can to provide one year’s rent so these 60 kids have a safe space to be?

Here are the quick deets:  Forever free & surviving human trafficking | India 

Project: Provide rent for a safe space and high quality after-school tutoring for one year to 60 children of women in forced prostitution in India, a crucial step in breaking the cycle of slavery and poverty. (There is a $1,000 matching donor each month, so your donation will be doubled!) | January & February, 2020

Goal: $4,000 | Country: India | Partner: Her Future Coalition | (More info here)
Update: $1,600 has been generously given this month!What’s beckoning you anew in the first few days of 2020?


DONATE: GoFundMe – or – Facebook


And, my friend, whether you donate or not – I invite you:
… to reach out with your heart to these 60 kids and to say a blessing or prayer for their well-being,
… watch the full video video or short clips below on your next walk or drive, and
… in it all: to claim and commit that these 60 kids belong to you.

Listen for what might be your part in their story … and theirs in yours.


REPLAY of Seeds Storyteller Series: Creating freedom & bright futures for survivors of human trafficking with Sarah Symons | India Nepal

Full 45-minute video replay below and via YouTube


In this one-minute clip, Sarah Symons shares a personal glimpse as a momma on why a safe space for 60 kids in a red light district in India matters to her so much (and why it might just matter to many of us!)


In this less than one-minute clip, I invite you to wrap your arms around the globe in love and commitment to these 60 kids.


Dear one, remember to email me any requests for prayer or extra love/juju that YOU need today.

Don’t go it alone. ❤️

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🌍🙏🏻