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Be INSPIRED, INFORMED, and IGNITED (=discovering a bit more of what matters to YOU), during this conversation: The Seeds Storyteller Series with Kartikey Gupta. On November 5, we were ONLINE-LIVE and talking about about why it matters so very much to him to ignite global connections through science and happiness.

The Seeds Storyteller Series is an online experience that is curated and facilitated by me, Sarah Davison-Tracy – author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange, a community committed to making a difference locally and globally, together, through community, storytelling, and giving.

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Why this matters to me …

Kartikey is wise AND compassionate – a most-extraordinary combination! He is living a difference-making life and is passionate about igniting the same in you, in me … in us. It’s not everyday we get to sit with, learn from, and have a conversation with someone who is THIS INSPIRING and walking what he talks each day. I have a vivid memory of the last time I saw him – I was in India for his cousin’s wedding and he was ROCKIN’ the drums for the wedding festivities. Even then, he was bringing HAPPINESS and connecting people. He’s still rockin’ and rollin’ – and now, YOU get to meet this rockstar activist-changemaker-engineer!


About our storyteller …

When you join our conversation, you’ll see why Kartikey’s official title is “The Passion Director” of Vatsalya! He exudes passion and JOY. He believes that this opportunity and knowledge shouldn’t be given selectively on the basis of whose children have more money. A mechanical engineer, he has created solar power systems and rainwater harvesting systems that will make life better for people and the planet.

Vatsalya ’s focus has been on creating hopeFULL futures for children, women, and communities in India who are most marginalized, at risk, and underprivileged. Their initiatives are time-tested and comprehensive, working in Jaipur, India and in the surrounding communities in the arenas of micro-enterprise, public health, human trafficking, education, and ecology.

As you listen, I hope you experience a bit of the goodness in Kartikey’s favorite quote:

Release your struggle, let go of your mind, throw away your concerns, and relax into the world. – Peaceful Warrior

We’ll talk about his family’s passion that fueled me to create this month’s fundraiser: “Education for Children Living in Poverty | India – Building a Science Center, Together = Creating Opportunity & Hope” in collaboration with Vatsalya, of which Kartikey is a vital part. Construction is already underway for a world-class science center that will welcome underprivileged children to dream big, learn, and be a part of the extraordinary community of Vatsalya . In this campaign, we aim to raise $2,000 of the science center’s construction costs – AND we are eager to fuel giving to support the remaining $25,000 to staff and buy equipment for the center. Please contact me if you would like information about giving all or part of these funds.

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The Seeds Storyteller Series connects you with EVERYday changemakers from around the world: activists, visionaries, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, educators … (the list is long and the ways to make change are vast!). Whether you’re interested in being INFORMED about global happenings from amazing changemaking friends of mine, looking for some INSPIRATION in your life today, or eager to be IGNITED more in your unique ways to make a difference, join us for this conversation from anywhere in the world!

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