Life is FULL as ever … and in a blink, the holidays will be HERE! But, don’t worry … we’ve got your back and have the BEST idea ever for an EASY & FUN way to SHOP with your friends (and make a mighty difference as you do!) … all while getting an early start on your holiday gift list!

Let’s collaborate!

If you pull together some of your favorite peeps (from anywhere in the country … and world!), then I will set up a 3-day text shopping experience so you and your friends can shop Threads Worldwide artisan jewelry, TOGETHER, with me.

You start the text chain and I will take it from there and keep everyone engaged with inspiring stories and holiday shopping ideas. This is an easy way to connect your friends to the difference they can make when they shop fair trade. (More about my soul sistahs at Threads Worldwide and fair trade below…)


Here’s how it works in 3 steps:

  1. YOU INVITE a handful of your friends to join you for a 3-day shopping gathering via text. (I’ll make this easy by sharing with you what you can send to your friends. After this step, you get to sit back and I’ll do the rest!)
  2. THEN, I WILL CREATE a group text thread for those who say YES and we’ll begin.
  3. NEXT, I WILL SEND a couple of texts each day for 3 days. =That’s it!


Here’s the goodness that will happen:

  • HAVE FUN together
  • CREATE life-changing work for women ‘round the world
  • SHOP beautyFULL jewelry made by woman artisans globally
  • GET A JUMP START on holiday shopping
  • EARN (as the gatherer of friends, =YOU!) free and half-price jewelry (BOOM!)
  • FUNDRAISE as you shop: 10% of the sales of this gathering will go to our Seeds of Exchange Afghan Evacuee Assistance Fund


I love this, because it’s a simple way to make a difference,
encourage others to do the same,
build community, and
do something to tangibly care for our sisters and brothers from Afghanistan.

Amidst all of the overwhelming and difficult happenings in the world, this is something we CAN do. I mean, SO MUCH GOODNESS, aye? Ahh!

Email or text me (720.301.1510) and we’ll get the fun started!


More information about Threads Worldwide

We are deeply honored to be a part of a community of empowered and inspired women at Threads Worldwide, so we can be ever-more-deeply connected with women and their communities around the world.

This matters to me because I believe that Threads gifts us with so much that makes life better: GROWING a global community of sisters … CREATING feel-good ways to make a living … FOSTERING entrepreneurial partnership between women from ’round the world … OFFERING education about the disparities that exist in the places we often shop … GIFTING us with a game-changing way to shop with love, intention, and impact.

Co-founders of Threads, Angela and Kara, have been very important to me for a long time. I trust them. I love them. I believe what they are doing through Threads Worldwide is making life better for people ‘round the world. I love how they make it possible to tangibly make a difference in simple, everyday ways. And you know what, these sistahs are the sort of people that make you feel good … that make you feel hope … who inspire you to get involved in something you believe in.

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for someone you love, to find a cool accessory for your own wardrobe, to learn a bit about what’s happening in the world around fair trade and labor, to find an easy and fun way to gather your community around what matters, or to make a living with a sisterhood, we invite you to join us in making a difference locally and globally, together.

Each piece of Threads jewelry tells a unique story of the woman who made it. The artisan cooperatives Threads partners with employ women who have BIG dreams – yet little opportunity. Through dignified work in a nourishing environment, women pull themselves out of poverty and reinvest into a future that we can all get excited about.

Fair Trade is the sustainable alternative to sweatshops. When you shop Threads, you support ethical business practices that empower everyone in the supply chain to earn a living wage.

We believe that fair trade is a verb. Fair trade is how we do business. Fair trade is also a movement changing lives around the world!

In a world where over one billion people — that’s 1 in 7 people! — live on less than $1 each day, it becomes clear what a difference fair wages can make for people, families and communities. Fair trade promotes fair wages, healthy working conditions, and a sustainable environment for both workers and the planet. A fair wage is a livable income in the local context that does not skew the local economy, but accounts for time, skills, cost of living, and purchasing power. -Threads Worldwide


Learn more about my soul sistahs, Angela and Kara – and find a bit more of your own story! – by watching a conversation or two I’ve had with them over the years.


You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🙏🏻🌏