True confession.

I forgot and lost confidence to dream big…really, I did.
It surprised me, challenged me…
and beckoned me to begin dreaming big(ger).

I’ve been practicing listening to and stepping into my desires in tiny and mighty ways,
from putting work off for a few minutes and going outside for a walk to feel the sun on my skin,
to attending a writing intensive to start crafting my first book.

This got us wondering at Seeds about the power of dreams and aspirations,
what gets us stuck, lifts us up, gets us laughing,
living larger and with ease into our wildest visions for ourselves?

And that’s how our summer Seeds theme Dream Big(ger) came to be.

For the next 3 months, Seeds will be exploring the topic of Dreaming Big(ger). 

We will share stories of brave and fearful steps,
about the need to slow down,
and of playing and frolicking with purpose.

So what’s your surpersized or tiny dream?
Yeah…THAT one.
The one that would take your breath away with joy when it happens?
This thing is calling, beckoning you
to say yes, to act, step out,
and courageously claim that THIS is the time.

May we pause for a moment, talk about courage and fear?
Courage sounds great – it IS amazing –
but it is not easy.
It may come with some trembling,
shortness of breath,
weak knees.

Fear is often there, too.
We don’t need to pretend it’s not in order to step forward, to dream big(ger).
We can nod, acknowledge the fear, even greet it:
   Hello there.
   Yes, you.
   I see you, feel you, taste you.
   But you will not lead me.
   I am being led by a force greater than you.
   One that is trustworthy, solid, secure.

So yes, with both fear and courage in our hearts, we press on, forging ahead on this path that often ends with a cliff-edge and an opportunity to step out….and fly!

I stand there now.
This cliff edge.
My big, supersized, dream to write and publish my first book
rests in my cupped and open hands for you to see, to witness.

In just a few days, I will leave for a writing intensive,
taking one step, then the next, writing the story that’s in me to amplify.

I’m curiously expectant, bold with butterflies, and firm in my conviction that this is the time to step out.


Wonders and ideas from our backyard to yours…

Will you come with me?
Take one step with me?

A journey does start with a step.
What is your one step?
Your one step today towards your glittering dream?

An invitation for you: take a moment today 
to sit, take a walk, breathe, BE.
Inhale this possibility – the one we believe is real and true:
that there are big dreams planted in your heart
that will get you up in the morning with joyful, inspired action,
that are beyond what you could think to ask for or imagine,
and that you are not alone in the dreaming.

Do you see it, feel it, hear it – your dream?
When you do, write it down and share it – your dream and your step.

Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants, cant’s into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don’t just think it – ink it! -Michael Korda


Ways to help you dream out loud…

  1. sign up to follow our blog for more on dreaming big this summer
  2. post your dream-big(ger) story and one step in the comments section below or email [*bonus: share on instagram & facebook]
  3. tell someone your big(ger) dream

These dreams invite us, require us,
to be still, to listen, to reach out for support, and to say YES.

This is what we do in our Seeds collective.
As you write and share, we will be your witnesses, champions, mentors and biggest fans!

Let’s light it up, together! xoxoxoxo….