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We invite you to share your voice from exactly where you are right now. post, post, post!!!  Making a difference starts with YOUR voice…find a few of these stories that beckon you and share 3 words in response. invite friends, your spouse, your kids to join us and share their voices. We will do the same and […]

Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog… image

Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog…

At Seeds of Exchange, we are a mighty collective of everyday changemakers. Together, we form a community committed to lives of purpose, justice, and dignity in backyards and distant lands. We seek to inform, cultivate, and ignite you to inspired action around diverse challenges – personal, communal, or global – so that you make a […]

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C’mon in, take your coat off, grab a comfy seat and cozy or refreshing drink, exhale (maybe it’s been a long day! :), and make yourself at home. The focus right now is sharing the story of our journey to and work in Nepal [Feb 26-Mar 12, 2015].  We invite you to stretch your wings and […]