Dear friends, join us to co-create our response to the earthquake in Nepal:  a multi-fold plan with an eye on both the short-term (funding for food, water and shelter) and long-term (community-based rebuilding).  May our work and vision be infused with hope, love, compassion, and connection – with us.

We will invite you to consider the ways in which you can be a part of the beauty and restoration that will come from the dust, cracks, destruction of the country of Nepal.

How might your passions and gifts can be shared more courageously, fully, & passionately with the world?

What if in this moment, we are shaken and awakened to say YES to each other, ourselves, our purpose & to more than we could think to ask for or imagine?

This will invite us to stay present.

To our lives.

To the lives of those around us.

To these dear ones in Nepal.

Let’s, together, be and do our part.

Stay tuned for MORE around the 2 areas of our focus at this time:

1 – Collaborate via fundraising now and & long-term partnership in the future with community-based organizations committed to the people of Nepal

2 – Project: “I am you. You are me. [Love Nepal]”