Oh, friends, our 2nd Annual Bags o’ Love Extravaganza, was such a blast!

65 parents and kids came over to share some love, play, and celebrate.  A Bag of Love includes food, water, and treats which we tuck in our cars to share with folks asking for help on the street.  Now, instead of feeling the need to change lanes, avoid eye contact, & pass by, it’s so much fun: we now look for folks with whom we can share some love. :) And, it’s such a joyFULL way to invite our kids to share the love during this season of goodness.

And, it’s spreading!! Melinda Wright, in Chicago and Marqui Severson, in Seattle hosted a Bags o’ Love Extravaganza in their homes, too!

Details of the afternoon:

…Each child will create 5 Bags o’ Love to take home, each with a protein bar, energy drink, card, sweet treat (no need for you to bring any of these items :).

…Suggested*:  $20/per child -OR- $40/family

*If the $ is too much, come anyway – no biggie. :)  There is always plenty. :) :)  Proceeds beyond Bag o’ Love ingredients & afternoon snacks will be used to collaborate with Seeds of Exchange’s work in rural Nepal with women & their families (Sophia is coming with me – Feb/March 2015!!)…if you want to hear more, let me know! :)

From 2-4, we’ll eat popcorn & apple cider, create handmade cards, & decorate & assemble our Bags o’ Love.

At 4 pm, we will pause & take a moment to hear from Allison McGee Johnson (Luke & Cassidy’s rockin’ Momma) about Urban PeakSAME Cafe‘s (So All May Eat) founder, Libby Birky.  For $5, you can buy a “free lunch” gift card to include in your Bags o’ Love or for gifts for your friends & fam this holiday season. :)  Suuuuper amazing, I’ll tell ya! :).

At 4:15, we’ll crank the Bollywood music & dance till our time is up. :)