Amidst the tick-tock of the clock … S T O R I E S you’ll love

You probably know this by now, but my overarching passion – my WHY and the WHY of Seeds is to make a difference locally and globally, together

I love finding creative ways to share the gifts of stories, community, and giving that can be woven into the fabric of our everyday lives so that life is filled with more meaning and purpose than ever … and because life is often so busy and full. (Keepin’ it real right now, in fact, the clock is ticking to get my kiddo Micah and his buddy to the rock climbing gym for an evening class … What’s on your agenda this moment? :)

– Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. –

And, yet, amidst the ticking and tocking of the clock, I tap – tap – tap my keyboard so I can share some stories that I think you’re gonna love. So, would you read on, my friend?

I’ll keep it short and sweet – with three simple, feel-good, and difference-making invitations to be informed, inspired, and ignited by friends of mine who are making a mighty difference in their communities and ’round the world.


Everyday Philanthropy

Here are 3 simple, feel-good, & difference-making ideas for you to be an everyday philanthropist. (Boom, boom, booom!)

1 – SHOP. Head to Threads Worldwide, where every purchase creates life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry, and benefits Seeds of Exchange. Learn more about the Seeds-Threads partnership here.

This matters to me because I believe that Threads Worldwide gifts us with so much that makes life better: growing a global community of sisters … creating feel-good ways to make a living … fostering entrepreneurial partnership between women from ’round the world … offering education about the disparities that exist in the markets we at which we are accustomed to shop – and an alternative to continuing to do so.

BeautyFULL women of Threads Worldwide

2 – JOIN US. Best. News. Ever! Guess what, you can SEE and HEAR from Threads co-founders this Saturday during our ONLINE / LIVE Seeds Storyteller Series! More deets about what’s cookin’ here.

Co-founders of Threads and best friends, Angela and Kara, have been very important to me for a long time. I trust them. I love them. I believe what they are doing through Threads Worldwide is making life better for people ‘round the world. I love how they make it possible to tangibly make a difference in simple, everyday ways. And you know what, these sistahs are the sort of people that make you feel good … that make you feel hope … who inspire you to get involved in something you believe in.

Difference-making social entrepreneurs & best friends – Kara & Angela

3 – DONATE. My friend – whatever you’re up to right now, I invite you to pause and ponder your part in our fundraising partnership this month. Goal: $4,000 | Country:India | Partner: Her Future Coalition | Update: $1,810 has been generously given this month!

Y’all, I believe that we are lucky to be able to make a difference in the lives of 60 kiddos of women in forced prostitution in India. Without a safe space to be, these little ones will be on the streets and vulnerable to countless human rights abuses. Let’s reach our arms out and encircle the globe with love, hospitality, and protection.

Difference-making in the lives of 60 children of women in forced prostitution in India


Dear one, remember to email me any requests for prayer or extra love/juju that YOU need today.
Don’t go it alone. ❤️

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy – Author | Speaker | Founder, Seeds of Exchange – Making a difference locally and globally, together – Community | Storytelling | Giving