This week, I sensed a deep call within me to standTALL – to find tangible ways to advocate for human rights of my sisters and brothers near and far … to see, care for, and love more deeply than ever as I go about my daily life.

It felt as though it rose up from my soul.

     I do not want to look the other way when the security and well-being of those in our human family are being challenged.

     I want to fight for dignity, worth, and freedom for all.

This “call to standTALL” came my way, smack dab in the middle of everyday life … in the midst of back to school days for my kids and being  gripped and grieved by the pain and suffering happening ’round the world.

It is complex, and certainly is not easy, but I feel it beckon me deeply.

As I wrestled with and welcomed this call, I wrote this declaration for myself … and I share it with you today. If this resonates with you, whether you heart is being broken by the happenings in Afghanistan, by the suffering of those being battered by Hurricane Ida, by those in Haiti still struggling after the earthquake, or something or someone else that is dear to you, may these words console – and maybe, ignite! – your soul.

If it speaks to you, read it through a second time aloud, as your own declaration.


I want to standTALL,

GRIEVE WITH with and to hope for those who are suffering,

BE STILL so that I can act with sustained love, discernment and wisdom,

DECLARE and LIVE as though we belong to each other, no matter what appears to divide or differ between us: politics and ideologies, religion and traditions, gender and race.


I WILL practice rhythms that fuel soulFULL living today,

I WILL REGULARLY PAUSE, put down my phone, turn of the television and radio, and silence the clamor of my thoughts and to-do’s,

I WILL LIGHT A CANDLE as a declaration that light, hope, and love are greater than evil and darkness,

I WILL LISTEN TO MUSIC that consoles my soul and turn it into a prayer-blessing for those who come to mind,

I WILL FOCUS ON THE GOOD, the beautiful, not the ugly – things to bless, not curse, and

I WILL REGULARLY ASK MYSELF, “What can I do today to be of service and tangibly care for others?”


I WILL CULTIVATE MY own intimate relationship with God [for you, it may be some other word for your connection with the Sacred or Spirit] so that I can soulFULLY navigate these difficult days,

for the darker the day and more chaotic the world grows, I believe that

there is One who grieves with us,

Whose heart breaks with ours,

Who is never not with us,

Who loves us utterly and unconditionally,

Who is good, even with the world seems full-to-the-brim of more darkness than light or goodness.


I WILL NOT LOOK AWAY, even though it is painful to see people suffering.

Instead, may I BE COMPASSIONATELY ATTENTIVE and see, love, and companion those who are capturing my heart’s attention,

CULTIVATE PEACE in my BEing so that what I do is rooted and secure,

WELCOME COMMUNITY, connections, and commit to not going it alone – making a phone call or going for a walk with someone I love and trust.


eating nourishing food,

getting heart-pumping, muscle-strengthening and soothing exercise,

resting deeply so I can rise tomorrow with energy to greet whatever comes.




I am loved.
I belong.
We belong to each other.
May we standTALL, together, and light up the world!





And, my friend … before we wrap up,

3 tangible ideas for what you can do to standTALL today:

1 | LOCAL. Offer your time each week as a tutor at at a school near you. For those in Denver, East High School is in great need of tutors. Email me for information.

2 | GLOBAL. Check out this resource – Support Afghan Refugees and Evacuees – which we created in collaboration with a resettlement agency. It has several ways you can be of service, no matter where you live.

3 | WATCH. This song has been again on repeat for me … it is, indeed a way I pray for and send love to those who are capturing my heart’s attention as I go about my work, cook dinner, or drive to pick up my kids at school. Enjoy: Human Kindness by Carrie Tree.


With SO MUCH love,

xo, Sarah Davison-Tracy ❤️


Thanks for the photo from Kabul, Afghanistan, to Sohaib Ghyasi