We are OFF, friends – heading to Nepal as I write this post.  Our team of 4 has 4 large suitcases filled to the 50# max – full of treasures for our friends in Nepal.

In the midst of this large stash, we have 70 friendship bracelets made last week by the kids in my Sophia and Micah’s classrooms for us to take as gifts for the kids we will meet soon.  My, oh, my!  Did we ever have fun!
In our excitement to share our trip and hopes for these kids to be a part of our trip, we had a partay in the classrooms and munched on popcorn, checked out a few of the kids’ teachers photographs from their recent trips to Nepal, looked at a map of the world to see just where Nepal is located, and started our friendship bracelet exchange.  We invited each student to write their names, and if they felt like it, a note, on their love-card to include with their bracelet.
IMG_4487The kids were so excited!! They didn’t want to stop making them and writing notes…so many beautiful questions, comments, and connections – such extraordinary little people!
During the course of Soph and my trip to Nepal (February 26-March 12), we will be visiting and having a blast with the kids in three children’s homes.  We are ecstatic and honored to share with each little one a bracelet and signed love-card from our classroom.  Then, we will be making bracelets with the Nepalese kiddos to bring back to Denver.  We also brought Bollywood and Top-40 music, jump-ropes, art projects, fingernail polish, movies, candy…and Soph plans to teach a drama class – so, yeah – we’re not lacking in activities! :)