The purpose of our trip is to collaborate with Nepali indigenous leaders to foster community empowerment, be ambassadors of friendship, & create a virtual travel community through the stories of those we meet.

Our collaborators are in a courageous and counter-cultural position, advocating for poverty alleviation, greater access to education, job skill training, health care, elevating the value of women & children, & addressing widespread caste system inequities.

When in Nepal, we’ll be sharing live reflections, connections & invitations for inspiration daily from the road, so click on the RSS feed button in the banner at the bottom of this page for real-time notifications of new blog posts.

Our team: Sarah & Sophia Davison-Tracy,
Vaun Swanson & Mary Shippy (yup, pictures a-comin’…).

seed act.  As we share our stories & introduce you to these most-extraordinary sisters & brothers – we invite you to live out and share YOUR story with renewed passion and power.