I BELIEVE that when the dignity, security, and well-being of those who belong to us – one or many – is being challenged, as WARRIORS of love, we act. Let’s standTALL for justice, freedom, dignity, and love … together and today. 

Today, I’d love to hear: What’s capturing your attention in the world around you? Any nudges to take a step or leap into this warrior vocation in a tangible and practical way right here and now? About what, with whom, and where might you be beckoned to STOMP, SPEAK, or SHOUT your unique-to-you warrior cry? (More on our collective warrior vocation here, from my note last week.)

Check out the 3-minute video of my beloved brother’s spoken word performance at one of our community Seeds events. When you do, you’ll see it and hear it: Jeremy Michael Vasquez IS a WARRIOR! Take a look and listen below.

AND, y’all. We did it!! Woot woot!!! Last month, together, we raised $3,083 in partnership with The Aruna Project to feed and free our sisters in India’s brothels – more info below. (This, I believe, is a mighty and tangible expression of what it looks like to be warriors of love.) ❤️


Seeds Storyteller Series

enJOY this video excerpt of ARTivist (artist-activist) Jeremy Michael Vasquez. Witness the courage and commitment of a man who chooses to wade into the deep of the pain in our world and do something about it. The arc of his story is aglow with inspiration, hope, and great big love – and a resounding call to live as though we belong to each other (because we do!).


For more of Jeremy’s spoken word poems and an intimate conversation with him about his story, check out the PLAYLIST from of our Denver Seeds Storyteller Event, Raise Your Voice.Get ready to bask in the beauty and power of Jeremy’s artistry as a spoken word poet.

Join in and be a part of the brave space we created at this event where we, together, considered and dug deep around oft’ hidden and divisive challenges of racism, poverty, and disenfranchised people and places. Jeremy will guide you into more of what it is that will cultivate a life of jaw-dropping freedom and destiny. (You’re in capable hands … this is Jeremy’s jam … he rocks at this!) Connect with Jeremy on Instagram & Facebook.


Everyday Philanthropy

Woot woooooot, friends!!! SO MANY of y’all joined and made our Seeds of Exchange fundraising partnership with our friends at The Aruna Project a compassionately powerFULL success!!! In June, 2020, our community raised $3,083 to feed and free our sisters in India’s brothels. You’ve wrapped your arms around the world and, with great love, shared food – and we hope, freedom! – with our sisters in India’s brothels. More information about this endeavor here.

Below is a video with a heartfelt thank you from Aruna’s founders, April & Ryan Berg.


LEARN MORE about how Aruna is being a catalyst for freedom with their empowerment through employment model on their website. (Pretty incredible, to be sure!)

LEARN MORE about Aruna in my conversation on the Seeds Storyteller Series with the founders and about our community’s commitment to giving – which we call, everyday philanthropy.


Have a blessed and beautyFULL day, my friend.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️