WHERE & WITH WHOM are you drawn to be a peacemaker? Where is there division, chasms of separation, misunderstanding, or injustice that is capturing your attention? Is it with someone near (family, friends, neighbors) or far (perhaps in a distant land)? I’d love to hear what’s percolating in you around this notion – email me back and let me know.

With evidence deep discord and division, unimaginable violence and brutality, and epic everyday struggles for many, our world needs peacemakers today more than ever. Today, as I thought about our summer’s fourth vocational musing – peacemaking – I was struck anew at the powerful impact it would be in our world if each one of us claimed and lived this vocation in our everyday lives.

A few nudges this day: Claim your vocation as peacemaker. Write it on the business card of your heart. Live it, not only when life is easy, but BOLDly when life is hard. Root your life deeper into the soil of peace in regular rhythms of PoPs (Places of Pause), where you can connect more often and more deeply with your tribe, with your own heart, with every breath, each day.

Doing something as significant as peacemaking
– here and now –
is simple.

It is about showing up and bringing your voice and vision
to life
and offering it to the world. (Excerpt from Soulfully Ablaze)


3 nudges for inspired ACTion to explore and fuel this notion of being a unique-to-you PEACEMAKER

1 – IMMERSE YOURSELF in a full PoP (a 10-minute reading/experience) that will encourage you to be still and surrender, to ponder and discern, and to engage and commit to what, where, and with whom you’re being beckoned to bring and make peace.

2 – WATCH this 10-minute PoP on being a PEACEMAKER, peruse the playlist this week and pick out a few other PoPs that intrigue you, or dive right in and commit to the whole 40-day video journey in which I guide you through 40 daily 10-minute PoPs. Facebook | IGTV | YouTube

3 – CHECK OUT the replay of my conversation with the always-inspiring and wise Marcellina Otii below. We went to Uganda with a team led by Marcellina in 2007. Our destination was Gulu, a village in the north of Uganda, and the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps housing nearly two million people in post-war Uganda. Our team was there to listen to, play with, and be a part of life with a bunch of beautiful kids and their families who had been traumatized by growing up in the midst of a brutal civil war. Many were still refugees in their own country and lived in these IDP camps far away from their villages. Even as we arrived, children were missing, the panic of child soldier abductions still striking fear into the hearts of many. Read more about how – at just two years old – our daughter, Soph, greatly inspired our team with her peacemaking gifts.


Seeds Storyteller Series

IN THIS REPLAY OF AN EPISODE of the Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis, I talk with Marcellina Otii. She shares HOW and WHY she is committed to BEing and DOing life with love in the communities of Colorado in the USA (where she now lives) and in Uganda (where she was born and grew up). Get ready to discover your next steps (or leaps!) of inspired ACTion to make a tangible difference amidst these challenging days of the Coronavirus pandemic. Facebook | IGTV | YouTube

WHAT you can look forward to in this conversation:
– ARMCHAIR TRAVEL and a virtual visit to Gulu in Northern Uganda – hear what is happening in Marcellina’s native community and country amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.
– LEARN MORE about Marcellina’s lifelong passion and calling as an educator ‘round the world and what fueled her to begin Northern Uganda’s first Montessori School, Mother Earth Montessori.
– SOME UNEXPECTED GIFTS amidst these days of lockdown for Marcellina that might shed some light on gifts in your own life.
– TANGIBLE nudges for inspired ACTION to be of service in whatever ways you can.
– A GUIDED MOMENT to be still and take a “PoP” (Place of Pause) together with a specific idea or two for you to take into your everyday life and practice on your own or with your family so you can experience peace and strength within these stormy days.

More amazing stories, quotable words of wisdom, connection links with Marcellina, and nudges for inspired ACTion here.


Sarah DT Health Update

What a wonder is this? I am still feeling great! I am over-the-moon grateFULL! As part of my return to health and well-being, this month, I’m committing to a Sabbatical-in-everyday-life. Amidst caring for my family and a leaner line up of Seeds projects, I’m doing less to allow time for my body to heal and to “be still” a bit more. Ahh.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️

Thanks to Jon Tyson on Unsplash for the photo