Welcome to The Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis in which we’ll be talking with a beloved friend of mine who is in the midst of Ramadan, a holy month of prayer and fasting for 1.8 million Muslims around the world. Joining us from Colorado / USA, Fatouma Ahmed will teach us a bit about what are her faithFULL practices and a few of the boundless blessings she’s experienced thus far during Ramadan this year. Get ready to LEARN something new, LAUGH (you can’t not, with Fatouma!), and fall in LOVE with this sister who is ever-so-hopeFULL and heroic in her everyday life.

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Fatouma is a Muslim and I am a Christian – and we have prayed together, found amazing places of similarity, and beautyFULL places of difference in our faith journeys over 25 years of friendship. For years, we’ve enJOYed deepening the roots of our friendship and our faith – and I learn something from her about LIFE and am inspired by her each and every time we’re together. I have a hunch that as you listen to her story, you will ultimately feel you have made a new best friend, too. Her heart is as big as her smile, which lights up the room, our community, and the world!

I am African, Muslim, woman, grandma, sister, mother, wife, aunt, friend. Allah, peace be upon Him, gave me everything. He has given me the world as my family. -Fatouma


WHAT you can look forward to in this conversation:

– ARMCHAIR TRAVEL to Ethiopia, where Fatouma was born and where many of her family and friends live today. Hear what is happening amidst the Coronavirus pandemic today in her community in Ethiopia. Learn a word or 2 of Amharic, Fatouma’s first language.

– EXPERIENCE a day in the life of Fatouma during this month-long fast and LEARN about Ramadan from a wise and entertaining sister. Next time you greet a Muslim friend, colleague, or stranger, you’ll know how to say, “Ramadan kareem” in Arabic (translated, “Have a generous Ramadan”).

There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about Ramadan. We’re not forced to fast and although it is a month-long fast, many people think that we don’t eat anything all month. I cannot wait to share the blessings of these days with you. -Fatouma

– AMPLE LAUGHTER – this is Fatouma, after all! Even amidst great life struggles, this sister’s joy is inextinguishable.

– HOPE and TENACITY even when you don’t think you can make it.

There is a saying in Arabic, “One day honey, one day onions.” This fast started off so hard for me. I was stressed, having panic attacks at being alone and missing Ibrahim, my husband. When Ibrahim was alive, we shared everything – including spending our Ramadan days fasting and praying together.

But, I didn’t give up hope. I kept praying, talking to my friends and family, and now, it’s different. I feel joy and at peace.

If life is hard for you today, never give up. -Fatouma

– GUIDED moment to BE STILL and take a “PoP” (Place of Pause) together – with a prayer spoken by Fatouma in her language of Amharic, with a specific idea or two for you to take into your everyday life and practice on your own or with your family so you can experience peace and strength within these stormy days.

Be kind. Calm down. -Fatouma


NUDGES for inspired ACTion:

1 – REACH OUT with curiosity and eagerness to someone who is of a different faith tradition than you. Honor what is different and celebrate what is similar between you.

2 – LEARN A WORD IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. Practice it. Look for ways to reach out and share some love with those you meet today.

3 – PONDER: What 3 words give you hope during these disrupted days? Fatouma’s are: “Faith. Family. Friendship.”

4 – COMMIT TO YOUR OWN PLACES OF PAUSE. Choose 1 thing to weave into your life from our storyteller’s practice that will create plentyFULL peace within you.

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photo by Lynn Townsend / The Sisterhood Photo Project