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Leading from Behind … {& an invite for our Colorado peeps}

This story focuses on our treasured & rock-star visionary, lover-of-ALL-peoples, & impassioned change agent, Neena Jain [co-founder of emBOLDen Alliances, an organization that endeavors to maximize impact through hands-on partnerships].  For many years, Neena & I have cultivated a deep friendship, collaborated, & envisioned MORE possibilities for working together in the world.  [There’s that partnership {joy} theme again.] One of […]

Inspired Action

Trusted non-profit organizations working in Nepal + beyond

We trust and have deep connections with each of these organizations. All are committed to bringing immediate relief [with an eye to long-term rebuilding] to the people of Nepal in the days since the 2015 earthquake – more info about each below. CODE RED | PROTECTION FOR TRAFFICKING SURVIVORS Code Red has mobilized resources to […]