TODAY, THE NEWS IS AS INTENSE AS EVER, sharing stories that no doubt evoke all kinds of emotions, thoughts, and responses. Today I have in mind to share why I believe stories are so important and I want to nudge you to listen to or watch a conversation or two I’ve recently had with some breathtaking and changemaking friends of mine. I think you, too, will love ’em and be inspired with some feel-good energy of your own.

Stories change us … and our world. They quiet and teach us to sit, to listen, to speak, to be heard, and to be seen. They invite us to comprehend and claim our own story anew as we take in the stories of others. They open doors within us to see possibilities for building community and connection, for creating simple and robust daily rhythms, and for cultivating meaningful work. The most powerful stories occur in the everydayness and nitty-gritty of life. Ultimately, stories change us and the world as they evoke more of who we are in thought, word, and action. (Excerpt from Live Ablaze)

It is with this passionate belief that I kicked off a series of conversations in April with treasured friends of mine working around the world. Who they are and what they’re doing is amazing and I wanted to share ’em with others. In March, as I envisioned and created “The Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis | Stories of community, compassion, and creativity in the midst of everyday life”, I had in mind to share stories about everyday difference-makers in the midst of the Corona pandemic. It seemed it was important to stay informed, inspired, and ignited to care for ourselves and others in the midst of what were disrupted and challenging days.

Today, it seems just as important – maybe even moreso – as it was a few months ago. 

So, my dear friend, I invite you to check out the 19 conversations in the series playlist (check out the list below). See what captures your attention … and take a listen on your next walk, drive, or as you cook. Most are about 45-minutes long. Get ready to find a bit more of your story as you listen to the stories of ARTivists (artist-activists), students, parents, elders, entrepreneurs, and activists!

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Seeds Storyteller Series

THE WAYS THESE FRIENDS love and serve those in need and the places in which they are working are varied and unique. I find each and every story powerful and beautiful – listen and see if you agree! As you do, share ’em with your friends.

1. Ensuring Freedom, Employment & Empowerment for Sexually Enslaved Women | Ryan & April Berg, INDIA Watch/Listen 
2. Rethinking & Reflecting on the Meaning of Life in Difficult Times | Pappy Orion & friends, CONGO Watch/Listen
3. Building Resilience, Hope & Agility Among Marginalized Youth | Noeline Kirabo, UGANDA Watch/Listen  
4. United We Stand, Divided We Fall | Godee Musangu, CONGO & USA Watch/Listen
5. All Will Be Well (No Matter What Happens) | Bill Zuelke, USA Watch/Listen
6. Impassioned to Prevent the Abduction of Children | Katie Hilborn, NEPAL & USA Watch/Listen
7. The Boundless Blessings of Ramadan this Year | Fatouma Ahmed, ETHIOPIA Watch/Listen
8. You Have Permission to Be Unproductive | Lauren Jacobs, SOUTH AFRICA Watch/Listen
9. Inspiring & Opening Life Through the Arts | Dr. J Kyle Gregory, ITALY Watch/Listen
10. BEing and DOing With Love | Marcellina Otii, UGANDA Watch/Listen
11. A Family’s Separation Transformed Into Compassionate Service | INDIA Watch/Listen
12. Fueling Freedom & Hope with Those Most Vulnerable | Prakriti & Gokul, NEPAL Watch/Listen
13. Creating What Comes Next with Hope & Love, Together | Julie Geller, ISRAEL Watch/Listen
14. Defeating Coronavirus, Together | Kartikey & Saloni Gupta, INDIA Watch/Listen
15. Living Hopeful & Happy Amidst Everyday Life & Epic Struggles | Sue Davison & Carol Ziegler Watch/Listen
16. How to Stay Focused, Connected & Strong Amidst Challenging Days | Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard Watch/Listen
17. Resetting, Relaxing & Thriving … Together & Today | Dr. Brookh Lyons & Victoria Lyons Watch/Listen
18. A pediatrician’s perspectives & practical tips about the Corona virus | Brandon Davison-Tracy Watch/Listen
19. How to Navigate Days of Uncertainty with Peace | Zack Salfi Watch/Listen


My Health Update

My goodness, am I ever thankFULL and excited to share some amazing news! For those of you who have been following my health with this post-COVID response, for over a week, something has shifted in my symptoms. Not just a bit, but a bunch! Today, I am continuing to feel absolutely amazing – no fatigue, no pain, no struggles breathing, no headaches, no troubles sleeping. I mean – wow – a 180-degree turnaround!

I’m over-the-moon grateful and in awe at the surprise of this dramatic turn towards health. I’m practicing staying in that in between space of “Thank you!” and not expecting or assuming that the symptoms are forever gone (although, how AWEsome would that be?). To be sure, I am hoping’ and prayin’ to keep feeling better and better.

I’m also sending love to those of you who have reached out and shared that you, too, are not feeling well. May your body be wholly healed and may you be covered by a cozy blanket of peace, rest, hope, and trust until the healing happens.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️