Here at Seeds, we are passionate about being inspired by and inspiring with stories. Tomorrow, we leave for Nepal (!), and we cannot wait to share the journey with you. 


A glance at the messy moments in our home last week, in the midst of the Friday’s deadline of publishing this blog & preparing for Nepal.

In the midst of preparing for this journey and work in Nepal, we are aware of the growing body of research about the trend that although social media is an incredible tool, it can create a sense of deep lack and disappointment about our own lives. Of course, this is greatly linked to the reality that we tend to post the very best of 2 dozen selfies :)…the beautiful, strong, joyful, adventuresome, glistening moments, versus the ugly, sorrowful, disastrous, boring ones. :)  [We were nudged to keep it real and share this picture of the state of disarray around our home last week – amidst deadlines, trip preparations, and life as a family.]

Sooooo…loves, please hear us saying that we want to be a space that inspires, ignites, fosters in you a deep sense of peace, rest, joy, love, and hope. As you read stories of our time in Nepal, we hope that you are invited to honor, listen to, and live your own story.  Let’s cheer each other on to take small, simple steps to make a difference out in the world, in our own back yards, and hearts.