A blessing from my heart to yours – and to our sisters and brothers ’round the world – for peace, for hope, for love … in the midst of whatever is hard or heavy. (There’s a PoP – Place of Pause – for that below.)

My friend, no doubt life is full, so I’ll get right to it.

I have bit of big news – for me and for Seeds – to share with you.

Truth be told, I am on tiptoes with anticipation as I prepare to begin a season of sabbatical.

I am thankFULL, with all my heart … and know that this is the time to embark on this journey. Let me share a li’l glimpse of the SDT (and Seeds) sabbatical to come.


SDT (and Seeds) Sabbatical

WHEN: November 1, 2023-April 8, 2024

WHY: An extended PoP (Place of Pause) in order to BE still, ponder, and allow some time to dig deep and soulFULLY discern the next chapter of my life, vocation, and work.

WHAT this this means for Seeds: As I am the one who takes care of day to day operations, Seeds of Exchange will also be on a sabbatical of sorts. This means you can expect less communication from Seeds (newsletters and  social media posts), although there will be a note here and there that will drop into your email inbox or social feeds on Facebook or Instagram.

We’ll continue to collaborate during the coming months with friends of mine around the world and share stories with you through our ongoing Seeds Giving Fund partnerships. I have some incredible changemakers I cannot wait for you to meet who are doing extraordinary work in India, Ukraine, and the USA. (In case you’ve missed it, our current Seeds Giving Fund is in partnership with Project I See You, which is a woman-powered movement that exists to see women take ownership of their lives. Through their extraordinary initiative, “Shared Power”, join us / September-October, 2023 / and provide a $10,000 grant to fuel one woman’s dream of homeownership for a first-time homeowner. Learn more + donate.)


Sabbatical Toolkit

As I prepared for this season of sabbatical, I have crafted a Toolkit for a Seeds + SDT Sabbatical. A few days ago, I had an unmistakable “nudge” to share with you the framework, hopes, intentions, path, themes, inspiration, and vision for the four 40-day segments of my soon-to-begin sabbatical journey. It feels a bit vulnerable and not really ready to share, but I’m keepin’ it real – amidst imperfection and offering a look at this intimate journey to come – and want to follow that nudge.

If you choose to take a look at my sabbatical toolkit, you’ll discover that my faith has fueled much of the framework for my sabbatical. (More on that and how my faith has also birthed my next book below.)


Teaser of Sorts

‘Tis true. My faith not only provided the fuel and framework for my sabbatical, but also has birthed my next book (BE Beloved: An Intimate, Extraordinary Journey with Jesus) and planted in me a vision for a new organization (or faith-based branch of Seeds of Exchange), called Rooted and Beloved.

How I LOVE our interfaith and global community of Seeds of Exchange, and I knew that since this new book is rooted in Jesus, Seeds wouldn’t be quite the right space within which to launch it into the world.

Thus, next year when I return from sabbatical, I am eager to continue the work of Seeds of Exchange, launch this book, and to create a place – Rooted and Beloved – for people to gather who are curious about or already on a faith-journey with Jesus.

In brief, the mission of Rooted and Beloved is to fuel an intimate experience of the love and companionship of Jesus in daily life. We will share stories, build community, and encourage generous ways to care for one another. Through guided practices and steady reminders, this will be a place to go when you need encouragement, inspiration, and peace in your daily life. (Stay tuned for that!)

But for now, I will put all of that aside … and trust that as I surrender, let go, and take some time to BE, the future DOings will unfold at just the right time and in just the right way. Thank you for your companionship on the road. ‘Tis a GREAT gift.


A PoP from my heart to yours

BE Still. Surrender.
Plop down.
Take a load off.
Let go.

May your eyes see ripples
of beauty and possibility all around you, here and now.
May courage and conviction
eclipse anxiety for your next steps and leaps.
May your heart be both soft and fierce,
fueling you to hope and love big.

Many are working VERY hard to make it, to navigate, to survive right now. May this moment to BE still FUEL you with strength for the day and week ahead. [ Guided 10-minute PoP for a hard day. ]


Well, love – will leave it here, for now.

Until we meet again, dear friend.


You are loved.

You belong.

We belong to each other.

Let’s standTALL, together, and light up the world!


xo, -Sarah DT, Seeds of Exchange ❤️🙏🏻🌏