Aruna Project | India


Today, due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, many women in Mumbai’s red-light districts are going hungry. Through our partnership with The Aruna Project – an organization working to ensure freedom, employment, and empowerment for sexually enslaved women – we are raising funds for food relief for women who are forced to remain in the brothels. | June, 2020 – India

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Hunger & Poverty | India


Through our partnership with our friends, Lima & Malika Aklant and Angali Zaidi, we raised funds to pay for food staples for the meals they prepared and distributed to the hungry and impoverished in their city during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in India. | April, 2020 – India

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Casa de Paz | Mexico & USA


Through our partnership with Casa de Paz, we are raising funds to make it possible for a family who is separated geography, the border, and politics to be able to travel to meet one another at an annual event, called the 3-Minute Hug, so they can be reunited and near to each other at last. Let’s standTALL for dignity and declare with love that families deserve at least this: 3-minutes to hug and be together. | March, 2020 – Mexico & USA

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Vatsalya | India


In the desert of Rajasthan, construction is underway for a world-class science center that is welcoming children living in poverty to dream big, learn, and be a part of the extraordinary organization of Vatsalya. | November, 2019 – India

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Educate Lanka | Sri Lanka


On April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday, three churches and three hotels were targeted in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka. This project is helping to rebuild lives by showering love through education and community on many who have lost what is most dear to them: family, friends, homes, and an everyday sense of security and hope. | October, 2019 – Sri Lanka

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