Our initial Seeds Giving Fund goal was $2,100, but we BLEW THAT out of the WATER (excuse the pun!). TOGETHER, we more than TRIPLED our goal to provide safe, clean water in India! | November-December, 2021 – India

$7,053 Donated!

As our dear brother and founder of Vivoblu Water for All, John DeYoung, shares in the below video, THANK YOU!! We will give 35 water filters to Pratappur, India – and 83 filters to the poorest of the poor in Kolkata, India. That means that y’all have made it possible to serve over 1,400 people with safe, clean water. (The team of Vivoblu Water for All will be going to India for this filter distribution in March and I’m planning on going with ’em!)


As John says in this video,

Water is a huge basic need and an issue around the world. Thank you for the heart you have to serve people who you don’t even know. Globally, you’re reaching out with this small filter and saving lives.

You can still give, if you’d like!! Each $65 donation provides a water filtration system for 1 family! – All they need to do is replace the filter every 2 years, and they will have clean water year after year! =kids can stay in SCHOOL | parents can go to WORK | life is better with safe, clean WATER





We are honored be a part of the mission of Water for All to provide 1 billion people a point of use clean water filter system over the next 15 years. This matters now because over 3.4 million people die every year due to contaminated water. Our friends at Water for All have already been able to serve over 75,000 people with clean water. Water for All purchases the best purpose-built water filters for the poor and partners with on ground missions to provide a filter for every family.


WATCH & be inspired …

Watch this 1-minute recap (first video) or the FULL 14-minute video (second video) of my INSPIRING and INFORMATIVE conversation with a brand-new brother, Mahadeb Modal, in which he shares with us the WHY and the WHO of this amazing community endeavor, which will provide safe, clean water to communities in India. Mahadeb is our on-the-ground partner in India for our March, 2021 water filter distribution in Pratappur and Kolkata.



Here are some photos of the community in West Bengal, India, where water filters have already been delivered – and will continue to be distributed in March, 2022. Also included are some global water fact infographics – there is so much to learn, explore, and do, TOGETHER!

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What we LOVED …

What we LOVED about this is that we have the opportunity to personally connect with the community in India for whom we’re raising funds. What an honor and privilege!

THANK YOU for CARING, together, for a community in India, who does not have access to safe, clean water.

THANK YOU for EXTENDING, together, hospitality of spirit and tangibly care for the needs of our sisters and brothers.

THANK YOU for BRIDGING, together, whatever clamors to separate and isolate us with tangible acts and words of love.


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This sort of “everyday philanthropy” is about an unrestrained generosity rooted in the reality of your everyday life. Generosity feels good. It is part of your purpose on the planet. It finds ways to share with others the treasure trove of whatever you have and whatever you love. It makes a difference with your small and large acts alike … living with a commitment and connection to your sisters and brothers near and far. Explore and discover your unique – right here and now – calling to be an everyday philanthropist today.

I get it: These stories and the very invitation to give and to BE philanthropists isn’t always comfortable. Or easy. Sometimes it’s the world’s pain pricking our hearts that wakes us up to see – and say yes! – to our destiny.

So, today and together, let’s dispute the suggestion that philanthropy is an exclusive club only for those deemed wealthy. Today and together, let’s dispute that the only thing that matters and makes a difference is giving in “big” ways. The movement that will be unleashed when we live as generously unrestrained philanthropists WILL light up the world.

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy, Seeds of Exchange