We partnered with emBOLDen Alliances and Jake Norton to help get critical medical care and long-term rebuilding support to the areas in Nepal that needed it most after the devastating earthquake in Nepal that killed nearly 9,000 people. emBOLDen’s goal is to improve the lives of vulnerable communities through collaborative partnerships that embolden the quality and impact of service. They were instrumental in coordinating the distribution of funds and personnel to the hardest hit – and least served – areas. April 2015

$1,000 Donated!

Ask anyone who has been to Nepal, and they’ll all agree one of the remarkable things they encountered was the people’s ability to carry loads. Towering baskets filled with rice and noodles; fiberoptic cable carried by a barefoot porter high into the mountains; duffel bags loaded down and strapped to the tump-line of a hardworking porter; Sherpa and other Nepalis literally running heavy packs high into the mountains. -Jake Norton

Neena Jain is the co-founder and Executive Director of emBOLDen Alliances and has been a dear friend for many years. She is an international medicine doc and deeply committed to building collaborations to support communities for such a time as this.