Our Seeds of Exchange fundraising partner this month is Casa de Paz, the only non-profit in Colorado offering shelter to released immigrants from the detention center to be reunited with their families. We raised funds to buy plane and bus tickets to help get the Casa’s guests on their way home to be with their families — right where they belong. April 2019 | Global

$1,000 Goal Exceeded! ($1646 given!)



Casa de Paz is the only non-profit in Colorado offering shelter to released immigrants and their families. If they don’t do this, I don’t know of anyone else who will. Casa de Paz is a promise – a promise that as long as detention centers keep families apart, there will also be a welcoming home and help for those who need them. When men and women are released from immigrant detention, Casa de Paz volunteers pick them up and bring them to the Casa where they begin making plans to reunite them with their families.

With these funds, the Casa purchased flight/bus tickets to get their guests on their way home to be with their families — right where they belong. Thank you, thank YOU!



Casa de Paz began in 2012 as a small, one-bedroom apartment offering hospitality to families separated by immigrant detention. They provide shelter, meals and transportation for men and women who were just released from immigrant detention. They also open the doors of our home for out-of-town families driving in to visit their loved ones who are still locked up. Detention is a difficult time that tears families apart and creates a financial burden, so they have always offered our services free of cost. Since they first opened our doors they’ve hosted 1760 immigrants from twenty nine countries and the need only continues to grow.

We are grateful to have a community that has always provided for every need, even when we don’t ask. When we think of doing this alone it seems impossible, but when we think of doing it together we know it will work. -Casa de Paz

Sarah Jackson’s favorite quote is from Mother Teresa: “Do small things with great love.”


WATCH | Be informed, inspired, and ignited …

Check out the replay below (or on YouTube) of this inspiring, informing, and igniting conversation with Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz. We’ll talk about a bunch of things, including how BELONGING and BORDERS have fueled her CORE BELIEF that all families belong together … and what she’s doing to make that dream possible for thousands of released detainees. One act of love at a time – one person at a time – she’s making a difference ’round the world.


CREATIVE ways you can join us …

  1. If you’d still like to donate, contact Sarah Davison-Tracy and I’ll connect you with Casa de Paz, with great joy.
  2. Choose 1 way to volunteer. For those outside of Denver, there are still some ways you can join the fun with the Casa! For those in Denver, bring a meal for guests released from detention – it’s a simple act of kindness that goes a long way!
  3. Know any volleyball fans or players? Check out the Casa’s volleyball program – what FUN is that?
  4. Share this video with people in your community that would like to be a part!
  5. Connect with, follow, and friend Casa de Paz: websiteFacebookinstagramYouTube.
  6. Sign up for the Casa’s mailing list so that you can be a part of this amazing organization in the days to come!

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL and light up the world, together.

-Sarah DT