This 41st Place of Pause (consider it a “bonus” PoP!) sets the stage for you to see, really see, the stunning panorama of your journey thus far. I hope it quiets your heart and your mind to see and listen in that soulful way to take in the beauty and courage that is you. Right here, right now.

Imagine that this adventure has brought you to the edge of a cliff. The vista from this vantage point is spectacular, unlike anything you’ve seen before. As you stand at the edge, with the parachute strapped to your back, you know it: It is time to leap.

Your heart pounds, your breath is short. You long for the leap, to feel the wind on your skin as you fly free and unfettered. But it is not easy. You have never leapt from this height before. You know that you must jump for the ‘chute to open. The terror and the thrill make for a racing heart.

Thrum-Thrum. Thrum-Thrum. Amidst the tumult of your racing heart and the whipping of the wind, something catches your eye. As you look to the left and right, you see it. It is not something, but someone … a lot of someones, in fact.

The cliff ledge is lined with others, and more are coming. They have been jOURneying and exploring, taking small and big steps, leading them to this cliff’s edge. Just like you. With you.

It’s time to leap, soar, and light up the world.
You were made for this.

This is your
—this is our—
purpose on the planet.
Hold your head high,
your eyes bright, direct, and fierce.
Grab a hand and leap BOLDly and COURAGEously.

Leap and fly.
Live ablaze
and let’s light up the world, together.


BE Still. Surrender.
These are audacious and exhilarating imaginings, aye?
We’ll return to them in a bit.
For now, my dear friend,
take this time for silence and stillness.
Let go of the possibilities and conundrums, the things known or unknown.
Excitement or fear.
BE here.


Ponder. Go Deeper.

Think back to the shared vocations. Which ones most beckon you to claim them, as if they are written below your name on a business card? Mark the vocations that most compel and excite you. Add ones that call to you that aren’t listed here. Dream big here. Without shoulds. Free from fear.

[Your hairdresser-tool]

The ones you marked are you. This is your call. This is who you are and what you do.


Engage. Commit.

Pick one of your vocational choices from the past few PoPs and write a job description of how you do this work. Give this way of life some empowering details. Imagine it. Write what you know and what you dream of … and let go of what you don’t yet know. Do one thing today connected to this inspiring “job description.”


For a guided Place of Pause (PoP), check out this PDF reading from Soulfully Ablaze, the video below about today’s PoP, or the complete video series (all are free) of 10-minute PoPs.



Given the state of our world – the Corona virus pandemic, school and work closures, challenges to global markets and personal paychecks – we must take a few moments to BE still and to pause. These days, more than ever, there has been much clamoring for our attention 24-7 with LOUD, FEAR-based, PANIC-inducing messages – but let’s practice peace, together, amidst these stormy days. I share these PoPs so you can FILL UP with peace and navigate this wild and crazy season with strength and courage.

My love is with and for you, my friend. Have a most blessed and beautyFULL day!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️